What Your Current Favorite Book Says About You

Let’s be real for a second. We all have two favorite books: one that we tell everyone is our favorite, and one that’s actually our favorite.

This is probably most useful for job interviews or first dates, when you know the person talking to you will judge you harshly based on your answer. After all, you might not be ready to let your future boss (or future SO) know about your extensive collection of Archie comics. (No, I do not have drawers full of Betty and Veronica’s Double Digest, what would make you think that?)

But fake favorite books aside, what your actual favorite book is does say a lot about you. There’s a reason this is a good question to ask when you’re getting to know someone. And while you might have a ton of books on your “permanent favorites” list, all which say a ton about you, the book that’s most revealing about your current mental state has got to be your current favorite.

Whether you picked it up from the library, stumbled upon it in a bookstore, or was loaned it from your BFF, your current favorite book reveals quite a lot about you.

If Your Current Favorite Is: The Trendy YA Book

You're always up to date on what's in style. Everything from your fashion to your makeup to the interior design of your apartment is on point, and if your friends ever need aesthetic advice, you're the first one they turn to. In fact, you're so up to date on trends that you pretty much set them. So you know that if your current favorite book hasn't hit it big, just give it a few months and it'll be all everyone is talking about. Along with your OOTD, of course.

If Your Current Favorite Is: The Guilty Pleasure Novel

You don't care what people think about you — in the best way. You march to the beat of your own drum, and people often compliment your openness and honesty. You're the chocolate chip cookies of people, because everyone loves you and feels at home when you're around. Sometimes you eat the dough before it's cooked, and sometimes you read beach reads all year round, because why not have some fun?

If Your Current Favorite Is: The Literary Bestseller

You love reading books that help you understand others and explore rich themes, especially when the writing is awesome. You probably were or are an English major, and your idea of an ideal extracurricular is book club. Everyone always asks you for book recommendations, because they know you'll come up with something great. After all, you've read just about everything.

If Your Current Favorite Is: The Obscure, Hipster Bookstore Find

For you, reading is a game, and if you've read the most books — well, the most obscure books — you're winning. You don't bother reading bestsellers because you don't like anything mainstream. You're way more excited about novels tucked into dusty corners of hip bookstores, which is why your current favorite is a book that no one's ever heard of, despite the fact that it's amazing. That's fine with you, because you're kind of in a world of your own anyway. Your specialty is seeing the genius and goodness in things that others don't always recognize, so of course it translates to books.

If Your Current Favorite Is: The Inspirational Nonfiction Work

You're in the midst of a life makeover. You may or may not be addicted to Pinterest, you recently purchased a ton of candles, and you're always organizing and re-organizing your room. And even though you have a stack of novels in your TBR pile, the one that really jumped out to you was the nonfiction work, because at the end of the day you just want to feel INSPIRED.

If Your Current Favorite Is: The Iconic Series

Your favorite book hasn't really changed in a while, because you read this iconic series and fell head-over-heels. People sometimes call you an intense person, which maybe has to do with the fact that you can't go one conversation without talking about this series. You own the merchandise. Your copies of the books are worn thin. You're convinced that you'll never read something quite as magical.

If Your Current Favorite Is: The Intense Thriller

You're an adrenaline junkie, and nothing gets your blood pumping like a super intense book. You often stay up all night reading, because you just have to figure out whodunit, and if a book isn't scary enough you toss it to the side. At your core, though, you consider yourself a study of people; you love thrillers because you love trying to guess everyone's motivations and being a little bit of a Sherlock. You also have strong opinions about Gone Girl.

If Your Current Favorite Is: The Epic Fantasy

You're a very patient person, which translates to books; a super-thick novel doesn't seem daunting at all. You're also a bit of an escapist and prefer fiction to reality 99 percent of the time. People have told you that you have your head in the clouds, and if there's a window in a room you'll probably be staring out of it, imagining all kinds of awesome stories. You're also pretty much convinced that you would make the perfect warrior princess.

If Your Current Favorite Is: The Quirky Book With The Cute Cover

OK, you have to admit it: Sometimes you buy books just because you know they'll look cute on your shelf. You can't help it! You have a certain aesthetic, and you just love when everything looks picture-perfect. You're the person who Instagrams pictures of your tea next to your latest read, because it looks so darn cute. Even though you might judge a book by its cover, you still thoroughly enjoy what's inside.

If Your Current Favorite Is: The Well-Loved Classic

The No. 1 thing that people love about you is your sense of loyalty, along with your timeless inner beauty. Your dream house is a giant library where every wall is lined with books, and you can never resist beautiful copies of your favorite classics. You never get tired of rereading them, because you know a good thing when you see it!

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