How To Clean Your L.L. Bean Boots

by Jessica Thomas

If you live in an area that sees pretty severe winters, I'm sure you're familiar with the quintessential New England snow shoe — the L.L. Bean Boot. The winter go-to perfectly resists snow and water, which makes them perfect for trekking through winter weather. But after a few winters, you'll probably wonder how to clean your L.L. Bean Boots, and I have the answer for you.

According to L.L. Bean, bean boots are made with leather to be naturally waterproof, but years of winter weather can wear down even the most durable materials. Bean boots are made out of multiple materials, including leather uppers and rubber soles. Naturally, you'll need to take care to treat each material differently when you're cleaning your boots. The company put together a handy one-minute video on how to clean your bean boots, which is worth a quick watch. But sometimes your boots will require a little more TLC.

In those instances, you'll want to set aside 30 minutes or so to really deep clean your bean boots. Grab your boots, remove the laces and make sure you have an area (preferably covered with newspaper) to do the work. Then gather your supplies and get started.

1. Sprinkle baby powder in your boots

This trick is perfect for winter boots you're wearing indoors and outdoors all winter long, probably with thick socks. Your boots are bound to get a little smelly, so make sure you take them off right when you get home to avoid making the problem worse. Every few weeks, sprinkle the insides with baby powder to soak up smells.

2. Brush the dirt off and wipe down with a damp cloth

Using a soft brush, wipe any loose dirt off your bean boots. Make sure they're completely dry before you do this, by the way. Then, wipe down the exterior with a lightly dampened cloth.

3. Apply a boot protectant

L.L. Bean Boot Guard, $13, L.L. Bean

A boot protectant like L.L. Bean Boot Guard will help waterproof your boots and soften the leather so it doesn't crack or show age. The more supple the leather, the longer your boots will last.

4. Treat the rubber soles

Armor All Original Protectant, $3, Amazon

In an interview with Valet, L.L. Bean employees told the mag that Armor All is perfect for conditioning the rubber on L.L. Bean Boots. Apply a very light coat to keep the rubber from warping or cracking after years of use.

If you follow these steps to protect your boots before winter hits, you'll be able to wear them through this winter and many more.

Images: jimshooz7; Austin Kirk/Flickr, Courtesy Of Brands