What To Do If Your Nose Is Red In The Winter

by Lindsey Rose Black

Does your nose ever turn so red when it's cold outside that you feel a little like Rudolph? Getting a rosy nose in the winter is 100 percent normal, so here's what to do if your nose is red. Most importantly, however, is to remember not to panic!

To figure out how to best address your red nose, it's important to get to the root cause. The most common reason for all that redness, according to eHow, is that your body is redirecting blood flow from extremities (like your nose!) towards internal organs in the cold. Then, it will "periodically dilate the constricted vessels to allow a brief burst of blood to flow into the area and then constrict the vessels again." That sudden rush of blood is what causes your nose to turn bright red!

Another (and more painful) reason you're rocking a red nose this winter is because it's chapped. Yup, just like lips, your nose can get red, itchy, and irritated. And thanks to all of the cold and flu viruses going around this time of year, it's easy to end up with a nose in bright red agony!

Luckily, the tips below will help you out with either cause so your nose isn't quite so Rudolph-like this season.

For A "Rush Of Blood" Nose

1. Do Nothing

I know that's kind of an anticlimactic answer, but eHow shared that the redness will naturally dissipate once your body regulates its temperature again.

2. Green-Tinted Makeup

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If you find a find a temporary red nose really bothersome, Sephora community bloggers suggest applying a sheer green-tinted makeup over your nose to cancel out the redness.

For A Chapped Nose

1. Lotion-Infused Tissues

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Adding dry, rough tissues to an already red and dry nose only makes matters worse. Fortunately, PopSugar pointed out that reaching for tissues infused with lotion and/or vitamin E can really help your nose heal quickly.

2. Vaseline

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Just like applying chapstick to chapped lips, adding a thin layer of vaseline around your nostrils will help seal in moisturizer and gradually reduce redness, according to WikiHow.

Of course, if you are genuinely concerned or your red nose isn't dissipating, definitely reach out to your doctor.

Image Credit: Unsplash; Tony Alter/Flickr; Courtesy of Brands