Is The New Daario Finally Gonna Do Daenerys?

Oh ye thirsty Game of Thrones fans, quench your unquenchable need for information about our favorite show here, because there's big news. Firstly, there will be a new Daario Naharis in the house (of Targherian, bow chicka ow ow), and secondly, his presence means that we will almost most certainly have a Season 5. Cue nerdy dances of victory across the world1 Michiel Huisman is set to replace Ed Skrein as Daario Naharis, Game Of Thrones ' sexiest rebel with-a-horny-cause, and whispers through the grapevine (the grapevine being anxious fans who have read the book and are just dying for you to get on their level) say that he will have a significant role in the upcoming season(s).

God, just saying the word seasons in reference to the future of Game of Thrones feels so damn right, even seven will never be enough.

However, more of new, hotter Daario makes us wonder some thangs, some sexy, sexy thangs. Okay okay, Emilia Clarke did say that she wouldn't go topless again on Game Of Thrones but everyone in this world loves it when she does, and also the sexual tension between Daario and Daenerys is so thick you could cut it with a knife, and alsoooo a girls gotta get laid, right? Which means a Daario and Daernerys sex scene? Please?

Surely the tension of raising baby dragons and commanding armies and attempting to steal empires need to be released somehow, right? She's so empowered and fantastic, I wish she'd stop playing all hard to get and be all like, "Im your fricking queen, now hop to it pal and stop using that mouth for wry smiles and pointless talking." Seriously. Someone get me George R.R. Martin on the phone. She has to have sex with Daario.

Yes, theoretically new sexy Daario could be there to perhaps be in charge of his troops and generally do war-things, but I'd rather that he use his talents elsewhere. Game of Thrones is epic and complex and layered, but it's also not afraid of some down and dirty sex scenes, and we all love them, and Emilia Clarke is hot. Plus, her character is just the best, and the insinuation that she has to give up good lovin' for power is not one I'm a fan of. We need a Daario-Daenerys sex scene because goddammit, we've been loyal and loving and we deserve it.

Image: Getty Images