6 Habits That Can Affect Your Sex Life

You can't be on top of your sex game without being on top of your life game. Lack of sleep, poor nutrition, and other unhealthy habits can affect sex, and take a devastating toll on your libido. So if you've been experiencing a lack of interest or even just a lull in sexytimes, the fix could be as simple as tweaking some of your daily choices.

And if you're already at expert level sex status, imagine how much better things could be if you were at your peak sexual health situation. Exciting stuff. And if you and your partner(s) got these sex-killing habits in check for once and for all... well, the possibilities are happily endless.

Most of the habits that negatively impact your sex life are a part of having a healthy life in general, so you might also experience an increase in your energy, mood, and overall well-being. There's really no downside to this situation. Well, except the fact that you might have to do some pretty adult stuff, like scaling back on pretty much all the best things in life. Alcohol. Pizza binges. All-nighters. But hey, all things in moderation, right?

Start small and incorporate small changes and you're more likely to make healthy changes into actual habits.

1. Not Sleeping Enough

Sleep is integral to sex. When you're not sleeping, you don't have the energy for a good tumble, but the effects can be much deeper. According to Camille Peri of WebMD, when you sleep poorly, it affects your partner. You may end up sleeping in separate rooms or keeping each other awake, which slowly erodes your sense of closeness as much as your libido.

2. Eating Red Meat

If you eat too much red meat, you could be sabotaging your sex life, according to the Cleveland Clinic. Red meat clogs your arteries which decreases blood flow. And you need your blood to flow freely to your sexy parts, or you'll experience performance issues.

3. Not Eating Enough Vegetables

Aside from clogged arteries, a diet low in vegetables and high in saturated fats can increase your blood pressure, lower your immune system, block your bowels, and make you feel sluggish, according to the Cleveland Clinic. All these side effects of a poor diet spill over into your sex life. You don't have to go full-vegan tomorrow, but it would help to have some fruit with breakfast or broccoli with dinner.

4. Worrying

And if you're like me, you worry about worrying. But worry is a huge sexual buzz kill, even if you aren't worrying about anything sex or relationship related, according to Dr. Logan Levkoff in an article for Huffington Post. Worry increases Cortisol which decreases sex hormones, according to Logan.

5. Drinking Too Much

We all know sloppy drunk sex is often terrible sex, but there are actual physiological consequences that extend far beyond drunkenness, according to Levkoff. Excessive alcohol consumption decreases your natural lubrication, dulls your sensations, and makes it harder to achieve erections and orgasms.

6. Not Drinking Enough Water

Dehydration is a common cause of vaginal dryness, according to Anna Davies in an article for Prevention. It's also associated with a whole host of health problems from digestive problems to high cholesterol, according to Medical Daily, which we've already established are mood killers.

I know it sounds like something your (very progressive) mom would tell you to get you to eat your veggies, but taking care of yourself throughout the day will totally help you take care of your partner (and yourself) at night, or whenever you like to have sex). That's a huge plus for just some extra water, sleep, and veggies.

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