Watch Ciara and Nicki Minaj's Music Video For "I'm Out"

Get your sexy on is right. Ciara and Nicki Minaj premiered their video for "I'm Out" today after a crazy acrobatic performance at the BET Awards Sunday night. Seriously, whose body can move like that? It truly was a body party.

The music video for "I'm Out" is equally awesome, featuring lots of synchronized booty bouncing from Nicki and Ciara in space-age white jumpsuits, plus chandeliers, cologne, and gold grills. Also a great shot of Ciara tossing her phone when she gets a call from "Old News."

After the release of "I'm Out" and the earlier release this year of Janelle Monae's "Queen" featuring Erykah Badu, I want more collaborations from female artists!

CiaraVEVO on YouTube