7 Of Bernie Sanders' "Bernie Bros" Explain Why They're Not Ready For Hillary

Bernie Sanders' following of young male voters has become so distinct that the group has its own nickname: Bernie Bros. Although Hillary Clinton is still leading the Democratic polls, Sanders is more poplar among millennials. According to an October NBC News / Survey Monkey poll, 54 percent of Democrats born roughly between 1985 and 1997 supported Sanders, while only 26 percent favored Clinton. Bernie Bros say that the reasons they support Sanders over Clinton have a lot to do with his personality, his campaign funding, and his more liberal policies.

Obviously, Democrats of both genders support Sanders and Clinton, but Bernie Bros seem to be the male equivalent to Clinton's band of young female supporters (who sadly don't have a cool nickname yet). A lot of them fit the typical "bro" description — most notably wearing Bernie 2016 T-shirts to the gym with the sleeves cut off — while the rest are just millennial men who show their support for the left-wing politician by wearing his campaign garb (sleeves intact). They like that his campaign has been largely financed by small donors, and though they don't trust Clinton as much as their boy Sanders, they'll probably vote for her if she gets the Democratic nomination.

Here's why seven Bernie Bros #FeelTheBern and support Sanders over Clinton.

Guillermo, 31

Coy, 23

Stephan, 31

Ali, 28

Romain, 31

Odin, 27

Scott, 31

Are you feeling the Bern now too?