Good News For Etsy Lovers

I love Etsy. I know I am fulfilling a stereotype with that statement, as I sit here in a coffee shop drinking a locally-roasted latte and sporting a giant knit sweater, but it's true. Etsy feeds all of my annoying secret desires to "be unique." I can fill my home with handmade items without having to make them all myself or break the bank? Like, yes. Yes, please. So with the news that Etsy ASAP same-day delivery service has launched just in time for the holidays, one could say I'm "just a little bit excited."

Etsy ASAP will debut in New York City this winter, providing web and mobile users the opportunity to request same-day or next-day delivery from a local batch of vendors. All your quirky, last-minute shopping needs will now be taken care of, so long as you live in NYC, where literally every fun pilot program launches ever. Planters that look like butts? Check. 3-D Christmas cat bow ties? Yaaas.

There is, of course, a downside, and that's the cost. The delivery end of the Etsy service is being handled by Postmates, a logistics company that will provide you with a three-hour window for delivery for a $20 flat fee. If that sounds high, even for same-day delivery, it is. Depending on what you purchase, it could potentially double the overall cost of the item.

Postmates is apparently very good at what they do, though; they're the same company used for Chipotle delivery, for McDonald's delivery, and more. So... at least there's that.

Etsy ASAP is being launched in conjunction with the pilot Etsy Local initiative, which connects shoppers to events and stores that feature local Etsy artists. Did I just spend 30 minutes marking down all of the craft fairs in Chicago between now and Christmas? That would be crazy. I can't make it to all of them, guys. Get real.

Images: Evgeniya/Fotolia; Giphy