Bride Includes Late Son In Her Wedding Portraits As Beautiful Testament To His Memory — PHOTOS

Anna Bozman Thompson faced a particularly difficult challenge on her wedding day: amid all of the excitement, she was also keenly feeling the absence of her young son, Lake, who died in May of leukemia, just before his ninth birthday. After struggling to take family wedding photos without him, the bride included her late son in a portrait. The moving photo has since gone viral, garnering support from thousands of people all over the world.

In a Facebook post about the photo, Thompson describes how she felt on her wedding day, six months after losing Lake:

Thompson’s wedding photographer, Brandy Angel, based in Georgia, decided to create an image that would include Lake. With the help of graphic artist Paul Woodward, Brandy photoshopped an image of him alongside Anna, her other two children, and her new husband, Travis. Thompson wrote,

Brandy Angel heads up Be The Change — Brandy Angel Foundation, a nonprofit “created to help those in need by sharing their images and stories with the world via social media.” On the organization's Facebook page, Angel and Paul Woodward have offered to create photos like the one they made for Thompson for “anyone at no charge.”

Image courtesy of Brandy Angel Photography.