Watch This 'PLL' Star's Country Music Debut

There is a valuable litmus test when it comes to actors trying to break into the music business: You just gotta ask yourself, "would this song/music video/performance be out to the general public if it had not been created by somebody already famous?" In other words: Could this person make it in this profession even if their face weren't already recognizable? Lucy Hale's first country music video passes that test, and rather refreshingly at that. Four for you, Lucy Hale, you go, Lucy Hale!

Hale, who is best known as Aria on Pretty Little Liars, is from Tennessee and has long dreamed of singing country music professionally — in fact, she even says her love for the genre trumps that of her love for acting.

It's lucky for her, then, that she's got a good set of pipes for her, and that her first music video, for her single "You Sound Good To Me," fits pretty seamlessly into the country music world. Granted, most of what I know about country music comes from Nashville or Walk the Line, but I think I've been a pop culture obsessive long enough to see when the tropes are being fulfilled by actual charisma and talent.

Image: Getty Images