A 'Below Deck' OG Returns

Last Tuesday night's episode of Below Deck got a blast from the past when Ben Robinson returned to the show to finish out the season as the Eros' chef after Captain Lee Rosbach gave Leon Walker the boot. Well, the most recent episode of the show took us all on another nostalgia trip as Season 1 deckhand David Bradberry returned to Below Deck . With so many Season 1 cast members now on the show, it really felt like I was watching its early days all over again.

It's no wonder all of the crewmembers were delighted to see David whether they worked with him or not the first time around as Captain Lee, Ben, and Eddie Lucas had. That is of course mostly because the exterior crew has been extremely shorthanded, what with deckhands Don and Dean getting canned earlier this season, so they're thankful for the help.

And they should be excited because David was a delight to work with on Season 1 of the show. He was a hard worker, low maintenance, and an all-around good guy. Unfortunately, all of that means David was a little forgettable on Season 1 of the show. All of the drama that Season 1 cast members Kat Held, Adrienne Gang, C.J. LeBeau, and Sam Orme brought to the show overshadowed David.

However, there are a couple of reasons why David didn't ultimately drift into obscurity for any Below Deck fan. For one thing, he was open about being an adult film star in the past. For another, David actually got engaged on the ship. Upon arriving at the Eros, David said that he is going to use the money for his wedding, which hadn't happened yet as of his return to Below Deck.

Though David now has a few years' worth of experience in the yachting industry, I hope his long break from Below Deck hasn't made him rusty when it comes to handling all of the chaos that happens on this show. David had a pretty calm, cool, and collected demeanor even during everything that went down during Season 1 of the show though, so he should do just fine. All in all, with only a few charters left of this season, he should be able to handle anything that comes his way this time around on Below Deck. But if not, I'm not sure any of us can handle seeing yet another deckhand go bye-bye.

Images: Virginia Sherwood/Bravo; Giphy