Roth Discovered A Nasty Surprise On 'Wicked City'

Kent Grainger's body count continued on Tuesday night's episode of Wicked City . The smooth criminal teamed up with accomplice-to-be/lover Nurse Betty to do bad things to a poor girl named Mallory. But whose dead body on Wicked City was in the floor, discovered by Det. Jack Roth? It wasn't poor Burger Heaven waitress Mallory, a wannabe actress who Kent fooled into thinking he was a Hollywood producer — and she eventually met the other end of his knife in front of Betty (Erika Christensen). Plus, the decayed victim seemed to be different than Kent's usuals — she wasn't dressed like a Sunset Strip nightclub hopper, but like a professional, and she was wearing a wedding ring. Could it be Jack's wife?

Earlier in the episode, Jack pledged to his wife Allison be more of a family man and not let work bleed into his personal life. But that might be difficult with Kent (Ed Westwick) messing with Jack's mind like this. Here's the thing: Kent may be a killer, but he's a very cunning and smart dude. He's known since the pilot that Jack is hot on his trail. All throughout the episode, Kent seemed to be several steps ahead of Jack as they both searched for the missing Mallory. Kent won that race and found her at Burger Heaven way faster than the cops were able to track her down by tracing Kent on a public phone (oh, 1982 technology).

Jack and partner Paco's search for the missing Mallory seemed to come to an end when they found the decaying dead body under the wooden floor. Sure, it came with a note that said Kent ran off with the real Mallory, but it also had another message: It looks like Kent knows about Jack's family — and his wife. Could the body be his wife? At this stage of the show, probably not. It's more likely a big distraction from the chase, hitting Jack in his most vulnerable spot. It's weird because Kent seems to be the kind of guy who just goes for the kill, so to see him work a long con is different from what we've seen from him so far.

It seems like Kent is even more wicked than any of us ever thought.

Image: Vivian Zink/ABC