Dating Henry Cavill Gets Kaley Cuoco Her First Headlines

Despite her unexplainable lack of media attention, Kaley Cuoco has made a name for herself as the queen of network television: After her performance as Bridget Hennessy in the ABC sitcom 8 Simple Rules, Cuoco had a short run as Billie Jenkins in the eighth season of Charmed, and then finally hit gold when she became the only female star of CBS' nerd-centric The Big Bang Theory. Big Bang is often the highest rated sitcom on television, but somehow Kaley Cuoco has remained the least-talked about female on TV — until today, when she became Superman's girlfriend.

According to the Daily News, Cuoco recently hinted at her previously hush-hush relationship with Henry Cavill on Twitter, advising her 1.4 million followers: “Everyone go see ‘man of steel’. It's fantastic in every single way." (And a source told People that the duo is indeed dating.) Cuoco has reportedly been in a number of other relationships over the past few years with guys not quite as enviable as Cavill, which made them mostly irrelevant to news sources.

Kaley Cuoco's lack of fame might have something to do with her reputation as playing a walking stereotype on Big Bang (many criticized the show in its first few seasons for its lack of female smart power) — but regardless of what you think about the series, let's face the fact that her relationship with the Man of Steel probably should not have been the first thing you've ever known about her as an individual. Keep up, tabloids: A woman's worth is no longer attached to the hotness of her significant other.