Peter Pan Is Coming Back To 'Once Upon A Time'

We're only half a dozen episodes into Once Upon A Time Season 5, but it seems like more has happened in the span of the past six weeks than has in previous seasons put together. Now that Emma is officially the Dark One with a mission to snuff out the light in the world for good, it's up to everyone who still loves her and sees the Emma Swan within to find a way to get her out of this mess. Much of this storyline will come to a head in the show's 100th episode, due to air as the premiere of Season 5B, after the winter hiatus in March. We already know that Barbara Hershey will reprise her role as Regina's mother, Cora, in that episode, but now we've got even more amazing news: Robbie Kay's Peter Pan will return for Once 's 100th episode, as well!

In case you forgot his story, Peter Pan was revealed to be Rumplestiltkin's father during the Season 3 Neverland arc. Basically, Rumple's dad sold his son down the river for the chance to stay forever young, and in the process he turned into one of the worst (and best to watch) villains on the series. He was eventually conquered in the end, but not before he tried to kill Henry, switched bodies with him, and raised a whole lot of hell back in Storybrooke after catching a ride on the Jolly Roger. How he'll be back is beyond me, but we seem to be revisiting a lot of dead characters in the 100th episode.

Details on Kay's return as Peter Pan are understandably being kept under wraps, but given the fact that not only will Cora be popping up, but that the mid-season finale is titled "Souls of the Departed," we can jump to a few conclusions. There's been a lot of speculation about Season 5B taking us to the Underworld, and all signs have been pointing in that direction for a few weeks now, ever since the Fury popped into Storybrooke to collect "the price" from Regina for Robin's life being saved back in Camelot. Charon was standing by in the shadows waiting to deliver her to Hades, but the pair were thwarted for now. Something tells me that next time, she won't be so lucky.

Then again, Peter Pan's real connection is to Rumple, so perhaps he's got a price to pay, as well. Either way, one or more people are likely going to have some demons to exorcise, and they'll have to face up to the things in their past which have hurt them and held them back ever since. It's too early to tell what exactly is going to happen, but I know I can't wait to see.

Images: Jack Rowand/ABC