Tupac Will Be Back On Stage... Kinda

So what do Tupac and ABBA have in common, other than a great sense of style? They're about to share one very particular honor, right alongside Green Day, the Spice Girls, and Frank Sinatra — Tupac Shakur's getting a musical on Broadway this summer. It's something that's bound to cause some discussion, if only because of the legendary nature of Shakur and the events surrounding his death.

It should be noted that this musical — to be called Holler If Ya Hear Me — does not aim to be a biographical take on Shakur's life. In fact, while the music will all be from Shakur's discography, the story doesn't revolve around him at all.

The show is written by Todd Kreidler (who previously adapted Guess Who's Coming To Dinner for the stage) and directed by Kenny Leon, a Tony-nominated director for Fences, A Raisin In the Sun, and Gem of the Ocean, as well as the (almost)-all-black Steel Magnolias remake. The story will follow two friends living inner-city life in the Midwest and the show will premiere at the Palace on June 19, preceded by previews starting May 26.

Shakur and his music are still heavily beloved and discussed, so it'll be cool as well as interesting to see what bringing his work to the Broadway stage will do.

Image: Getty Images