3 Cool Things To Do On Twitter For The Dem Debate

The second Democratic debate of the 2016 election season will take place November 14, and there will be more ways than ever for viewers to participate thanks to a collaboration between Twitter and CBS, the network hosting the event. Beginning with CNN and Facebook's debate in October that allowed voters to submit debate questions on Facebook, presidential forums are becoming more interactive for everyone watching from home. For Twitter's first debate partnership, it's taking things up a notch and offering multiple cool things to do with Twitter during the debate.

The Twitter-CBS collaboration will maximize on the millions of Americans who live-tweet presidential debates as they watch. Throughout the event, Twitter will provide CBS with "real-time data and insights" about voters, as well as bring reactions and questions from viewers to the debate stage at Drake University in Iowa. CBS News President David Rhodes said in a statement: "CBS News is so pleased to partner with Twitter on our Democratic Debate. Our people have worked with Twitter's unique curator tools to measure changing responses to what viewers will see on the screen. This Twitter integration will inform our coverage and integrate seamlessly with CBSN, our always-on digital network."

Here are three cool things you can do on Twitter to participate in the next Democratic debate from your couch.

Ask Questions With #DemDebate


The hashtags #DemDebate and #GOPDebate have become the easiest ways to follow the media's and voters' reactions to the presidential debate madness as it happens and the same will be true during this debate. On top of that, viewers can use #DemDebate to tweet questions they want the candidates to answer, as CBS will display selected questions on-air. Frustrated that the moderators haven't brought up gun control? Tweet your own gun-related question. Want to know what Bernie Sanders would do for women? Send him your inquiry via Twitter.

Follow All The Candidates At Once

Joe Raedle/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Before and during the big night, you can follow every presidential candidate's tweets through Twitter's "Presidential Candidates" list. With all the Twitter accounts in one place, it's simple to keep track of what moments the Democrats' campaigns are highlighting during the debate, as well as the Republicans' reactions to their rivals' comments (which are sure to be entertaining).

Tweet Who You Think Is #Winning

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It's usually pretty difficult to figure out which candidate is winning a debate as it's happening, especially if multiple people on stage have strong arguments and confident stage presences. This time around, you can use the hashtag #winning to voice who you think is schooling the other Democrats as the debate unfolds. The hashtag will allow CBS and everyone on Twitter to decipher who is winning in the voters' eyes (which are the most important eyes when it comes to politics), so the true winner will be much more clear when the debate concludes.