5 Times The Donald Tried To Be Funny But Failed

by Jo Yurcaba

Business tycoon Donald Trump will host Saturday Night Live this Saturday, and people are waiting with equal parts frustration and a strange excitement. The frustration is coming from Hispanic leadership groups and Latino immigrants, who were offended when Trump make inappropriate remarks about Mexican immigrants. They say that NBC was right to end its relationship with Trump after it gave up the broadcast rights to the Trump-owned Miss United States pageant, according to the Daily Beast. Others are excited because Trump isn't so good at being funny. When he thinks he's being funny, it either comes of as offensive or really creepy. There's a long list of times Trump has tried to be funny, but his humor was actually really disturbing.

As a presidential candidate, Trump has a reputation for saying things that only people who like racist jokes would think are funny. For example, he has tried to imitate the accents of immigrants to brag about his business prowess. When he appeared on SNL in 2004, he danced with several cast members dressed as chickens, and it is the most awkward thing you will ever see in your life. In the 2004 segment, Trump says, "It's great to be here at Saturday Night Live, but, I'll be completely honest, it's even better for Saturday Night Live that I'm here." That's the weird thing about Trump humor — it seems like he thinks that it's funnier because he is the person saying it, even though, often, that just makes it more annoying or offensive. Here are five times Trump tried to be funny, but it came across as something weird and terrible, and thus why his SNL skit might be traumatizing.

1. When He Joked About Dating His Daughter Ivanka

Evan Agostini/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Repeatedly, Trump has said that he would have tried to date his daughter Ivanka if she weren't his daughter, according to Business Insider. A video by Business Insider shows Trump making the comment about Ivanka, and even the hosts of the show say things like "Oh, that's so weird!" or "That's creepy!"

Then, the segment is shown to a number of Trump supporters, who even said that they find the joke creepy. Like, come on, Trump. That's just really freaking weird.

2. When He Makes His Scary "I'm Funny" Face

Trump often makes this face at debates, and it really freaks me out. Think about him saying, "You, me, dinner, Friday," and then making this face.

3. The Time He Imitated A Japanese Person

In August, Trump actually thought it would be a good idea to use broken English to try to imitate what he thought his Japanese business associates sounded like, according to Talking Points Memo. Trump described how he has negotiated with business people in China and Japan to apparently illustrate how he would also be good at negotiating with them on foreign policy (because that makes sense):

Negotiating with Japan, negotiating with China, when these people walk into the room, they don't say, "Oh hello, how's the weather, so beautiful outside, isn't it lovely? How are the Yankees doing? Oh they are doing wonderful, great." They say, "We want deal."

But he's Trump, so it's OK for him to make jokes like that, right? I mean, it's just so hilarious.

4. When He Dances. Ever. Anytime.

Trump does the same weird dance every time he attempts dancing. And it's not like when your dad dances and it's kind of hilarious and endearing. It's like when a creepy, drunk uncle at a wedding dances while making passes at all the younger women.

5. The Donald Trump Halloween Costumes

If you haven't seen them, then I'm sorry. The sexy "Donna T. Rumpshaker" costume was sold by Yandy, and, though it's unclear whether Trump himself asked to have the costume made for his campaign, it's creepy that it exists at all. And it's totally a Trump brand of humor.

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