These Charts Illustrate Your Life SO Accurately

Have you ever wondered what your dog is thinking when you're playing fetch, or whether anyone else thinks their toothpaste tube defies the laws of physics? If you have — and honestly, who among us hasn't? — your random daydreaming is finally getting the attention it deserves, thanks to the Insta-Chaz Instagram account. Using clever charts drawn on post-it notes to illustrate all these questions and more, the account has been gaining a steady stream of online followers. And with its Oatmeal- like combination of hilarity and sheer accuracy, it's no wonder it's gotten so popular, so quickly.

Whether it's correlational graphs analyzing the importance of writing something down and the functionality of your pen or a timeline comparing the Cretacous Period to the days until Friday, pretty much every Insta-Chaz post is guaranteed to make you scream, "It's so true!!" to the heavens. Or, you know, just chuckle and keep browsing. Whatever floats your boat.

Run by designer and architect Chaz Hutton, Insta-Chaz began as a simple series of in-jokes between Hutton and his friends. "I used to send Fi, Karine, Pav & Gal post-it notes in a group chat (the name of which is unprintable). In order to [get them to] stop telling me to start an Instagram, I started an Instagram," Hutton tells Bustle via email.

"I wasn’t really thinking about numbers of followers," he continues. "Originally it being on Instagram was more an easy way of making the post-its more public." He may not have expected much to come of his charts, but the account quickly took off — in less than three months, Insta-Chaz has amassed more than 63,000 followers.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, given the account's wide range of subjects, Hutton says that he draws inspiration from pretty much anywhere, from Facebook comments to everyday trains of thought. "Other ideas just float into my head — sometimes if I really need some material I’ll start giving myself random topics and see what I can come up with," he writes an an email to Bustle.

Good luck trying to pick a favorite, by the way — I'm torn between, like, twelve at the moment, and choosing which ones to include in this post was pretty much impossible. You can check out a few more illustrations below, and head over to Insta-Chaz to see them for yourself. Just be sure to block out a few hours of your time to get lost in the Instagram.

Images: Garry Knight/Flickr; Courtesy of @instachaaz/Instagram (8)