'Master Of None' Already Deserves Another Season

Aziz Ansari's anticipated Netflix series Master of None may have just premiered early on Nov. 6, but since Netflix released the whole series at once, it will likely be consumed in just a few days by eager fans. That means the long wait to see if Master of None will return for Season 2 will begin merely hours after Season 1's debut. Ansari's tale of a thirty-something actor navigating love, family, and career aspirations has yet to be confirmed for a second season, but it sounds like Netflix has another big winner on its hands, and probably won't go too long before announcing a new season. Update: On Feb. 11, Aziz Ansari confirmed that Master of None will return for Season 2 in 2017.

Master of None is Ansari's brainchild — he serves as co-creator, co-writer, executive producer, and the star — and the show seems to be heavily influenced by his findings when working on his book Modern Romance, along with personal experiences confronting race and gender relations in American culture. Master of None may at first glance seem like just another show about attractive people living in the city and getting into wacky hijinks as they search for love, but it has larger ambitions, which would certainly be helped by it getting a second season. In fact, judging from critical response and people's excitement to watch the show it's not so much a question of "Will Master of None be getting a second season?" as much as "When will Master of None be getting a second season?" So while we wait for the (hopefully) good news, here are the qualities that make Master of None Season 2 such a safe bet.

Great Cast

Ansari is the star of the series, but he's surrounded himself with a lot of very talented performers. SNL alum Noël Wells, Eric Warenheim of anti-comedy masterminds Tim & Eric, and Dear White People's Lena Waithe make up some of Ansari's hang-out group. The cast also features Kelvin Yu, Ravi Patel, and voice-actor extraordinaire H. Jon Benjamin in a rare on-camera role. The most interesting choice, and one of the best, is the casting of Ansari's actual parents as the parents of his character, Dev. Shoukath and Fatima Ansari bring a very real presence to the show, and they both — unsurprisingly — have great chemistry with their son. If, for whatever reason, Master Of None doesn't get a second season, then at the very least, the Ansari parents should get their own show.

Millennials Love Shows About Millennial Love

Master of None follows a long line of television programs about people, ranging from their mid-twenties to early thirties, who don't know what they're doing with life and are just trying to stay afloat while looking for love and success. This template helped make Girls such a huge success, as well as shows like Broad City, You're The Worst, and Man Seeking Woman. Master of None takes a different approach by incorporating a diverse cast from the get-go, which other seris have struggled with. Master of None may be another in a long-line of similar shows, but its presentation and voice are all its own, which means similarly lost twenty-somethings and thirty-somethings should flock to Netflix to see a fresh new take on their own lives.

It's Hilarious

Early reviews are starting to be published for Master of None, and they're all incredibly positive. Maureen Ryan of Variety said, "' Master of None ' is proof that when approached with genuine curiosity, witty self-awareness and clear-eyed intelligence, topics like race, immigration, sexism and entitlement can be terrific fodder for comedy." While Molly Eichel of The A.V. Club said, "Ansari and [co-creator Alan] Yang come out of the gate strong, showcasing who they are and how they view the world with a clarity and assuredness that few others have been able to master." Already boasting such strong critical acclaim, a lot of people will surely be giving Master of None a watch on its very first day.

Between its fantastic cast, relatable and interesting subject matter, and the fact that it's straight-up good, Master of None is set to be one of the biggest new series of 2015, and will likely be one of the best returning series of 2016.

Image: K.C. Bailey/Netflix