2014 Coachella Line Up Already Looks Great

In case it hasn't sunk in yet, we're in 2014, a whole new year of movies, celebrity escapades, and music festivals. And of the star-studded, hot, overpriced music festivals available, Coachella is perhaps the grandest. What other festival needs two weekends and hundreds of pre and after-parties to keep going? And what other festival spawns tons of summer fashion by copying style mavens and stars alike?

Since Coachella is so grand, so special, they have now begun to "leak" artists every day on their Twitter, by tweeting a YouTube video and a name. Wednesday's artist was Motorhead. Yes, THAT Motorhead: the great uncles of heavy metal who penned "Ace of Spades."

This announcement seems odd for Coachella's usually indie vibe, but who are we to judge. After the hologram of Tupac came to life last year, anything is possible at Coachella. So, maybe there will be a mosh pit of girls in fedoras, crop tops, and high-waisted jean shorts. You never know.

Since Coachella has been so forthcoming on Twitter, though, we felt it was only right to show you the acts that we're excited about this year. In addition to Motorhead's driving metal, there will be lesser-known indies (as always), and a few surprises. So here's our list Coachella favorites, from most exciting to least, with the music videos Coachella leaked to announce them:

#1: The Most Exciting Coachella 2014 Act So Far — Future Islands

Future Islands has that indie vibe that will make them a favorite at Coachella, but their brand of pop-rock is still catchy enough to keep you listening throughout their set. They also have a new album out March 25, so their performances at the April festival will probably include a lot of new material. Exciting stuff.

#2: The Smoothest — The Internet

The Internet is the brainchild of two Odd Future members, with all the edges sanded off. This R&B group sounds smooth enough to cozy up to '90s crooners, but funky enough to hang out in the '70s. Get excited for a new face of The Internet.

#3: The Catchiest — Bombino

Omara "Bombino" Moctar is from Niger, and his upbeat blues-rock guitar playing belies the conflict in his home country. His music calls for peace and unity, and his hooks will undoubtedly get stuck in your head for days. Also, his video looks like Sergeant Pepper gave us a tour of a day in Bombino's life.

#4: The Dance Track — The Glitch Mob

If you're ready to throw down, The Glitch Mob's set will be your haven. Their heavy, trancelike beats and slow builds are perfect for all sorts of crazy rave dancing. So put on your neon and scoot on over to their dance party.

#5: The Pop Hit — The Magician

The Magician (known in the daytime as Stephen Fassano) made headlines when he left Aeroplane to start a solo career, and he has been make poppy electronica ever since. So, if you tire of the ever-building beats at The Glitch Mob, you can sing along with the hooky melodies The Magician is spinning. Both have equal crazy-rave-dance potential.

#6: The Atmosphere — Bonobo

British DJ Simon Green has been called a "mood creator," since his music often creates more atmosphere than melody. However, his recent live collaborations with bands and singers have been getting good reviews, so his Coachella stage could be more commanding and anthemic than this video suggests.

#7: The Heavy Metal — Motorhead

Older rockers don't have the best record at festivals. Some knock it out of the park, and some sound like the Rolling Stones playing the Superbowl. Motorhead, we hope you can keep Coachella rockin', but we aren't going to bet on it.

#8: The Trip — Factory Floor

The Factory Floor is a relatively new electronic music outlet, but they've already ruffled some feathers with their avant-garde sound, '80s references and disco worldview. Take a listen if you enjoy a good minimalist chillfest.

Image: Getty Images