Elizabeth Banks Channels Effie For Premiere

I never actually thought this day would come, but the Hunger Games saga is sadly now coming to a close. The actors are bidding farewell to the franchise with the launch of the very last film, kicking off the set of premieres in Germany. Elizabeth Banks attended the Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 premiere in Berlin on Wednesday, wearing an over-the-top ensemble that pays homage to her exuberant role. In the franchise, Banks plays Effie Trinket, Katniss Everdeen's personal escort, who has a vivacious humorous attitude and a knack for wildly unique fashion. We have seen her don everything from puffy shoulder pads and hula hoop skirts to hot pink tulle and butterfly-encrusted frocks — her style was definitely the most fun out of all in the film, and it seems the actress wanted to commemorate that.

The 41-year-old hit the carpet in a dark floral gown bedazzled in colorful sequins and accented with gray sheer panels. The gorgeous piece featured a scoop neckline and a full A-line skirt that cascaded beautifully all the way down to the floor. It had lots of volume, which is something her character always seemed to be fond of. A dainty gold belt was placed at her waist to match the gold spaghetti straps of the gown. Gold hues were further highlighted in her intricate hair piece, which looked something like the one Katniss wore in Hunger Games: Catching Fire. She flaunted rose-colored lids that matched the ones in her dress, blush cheeks, and a pale pink pout. It was definitely one of her best looks yet.

Andreas Rentz/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Now that's a wow-worthy dress that would make Effie Trinket proud.

Let's take a look at some fashionable styles donned by Effie on-screen that may have inspired Elizabeth's red carpet look.

1. Butterfly Dress

Butterflies, flowers — kind of similar, no?

2. Purple Tulle

This outfit clearly proves how much she loves oversized everything.

3. Exaggerated Headpiece

Over-the-top headgear was totally Effie's thing, and Banks made sure to pay tribute to that.

4. Voluminous Sleeves

Volume was included in all of Effie's outfits, and so it was in Banks' floral gown.

5. Hot Pink

Bold color was another big thing in Effie's wardrobe, and that was clearly translated in Banks' premiere look.

6. Sparkly Makeup

Sparkle and glitter ruled the character's makeup looks, and so it did in the actress' look, too.

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