9 Places To Shop Black Plus Size Tights

by Amanda Richards

For plus size women, there is arguably no bigger winter struggle than the search for some quality plus size tights. It seems counterintuitive, right? Shouldn't it be easier for us to find items that will stretch to accommodate our bodies? However, because plus size women are all built so differently, it can actually be extremely difficult to find hosiery that suits our figures.

From my experiences and convos with other fat ladies, these are some of the most common problems: Some tights are wide enough, but far too short. Others don't accommodate a full belly without sagging in at the thighs. And many simply don't stand up to the pressures of a body that is simultaneously large and in motion, as any plus size woman who has ever rushed to the bathroom after her tights have rolled down over her stomach can tell you. All of this is made more frustrating by the fact that there simply aren't that many options to pick from in the first place.

Below are seven brands that are doing plus size hosiery the right way. They offer tights, pantyhose, and shapewear that are affordable, cut for the plus size body, and sometimes even extend to sizes 5X and 6X. If you need to replenish your hosiery arsenal this winter, look no further: There's a brand on this list for every shape and price point.

1. Hanes

Just My Size Nylon Tights, $6, Hanes

Despite the fact that the "Just My Size" moniker might call to mind an enthusiastic grandmother strutting her stuff in nude-colored pantyhose, Hanes' plus line also has a variety of options for the younger, more modern crowd as well. I'm always pleasantly surprised at the quality of these tights, and they even go up to a 6X. The best part? The price point simply cannot be beat.

2. Sonsee Woman

Opaque 100 Denier Tights, $35, Sonsee

This company gets approximately 1,000,000 bonus points for photographing its products on a plus size women (and damn does she look good doing it). They are relatively expensive, but I'm told that the quality of this product more than makes up for the cost.

3. The Big Tights Company

All Woman 180 Denier Tights, $30, Big Tights Company

This UK brand offers a variety of different tights, hosiery, and shapewear in plus sizes, and it ships overseas. I love the fact that it offers these 180 denier tights, which means the look is completely opaque and that much warmer when the temperatures start to drop.

4. FullBeauty

Shaping Tights By Secret Solutions Curvewear, $30, Full Beauty

FullBeauty's sizing ranges from 1X-6X, which means that a wide variety of plus women can shop its wares. An important note, though: Most of the FullBeauty products are also shapewear, so if sucking it all in isn't your thing, do be warned.

5. Nordstrom

Curves 60 Denier Opaque Tights, $18, Pretty Polly

I'm always pleasantly surprised by Nordstrom's plus size offerings as compared to other department stores, and the hosiery section is no different. Nordstrom carries the lovely Pretty Polly line, which fits customers up to 252 pounds.

6. We Love Colors

Plus Size Nylon/Lycra Tights, $15, We Love Colors

When this brand says it loves colors, it means it: This website offers more hues of hosiery than most other sites, and it has a wide variety of selections in plus. Don't worry, though. The tights also come in black, although the images focus on the more rainbow-esque hues.

7. Bare Necessities

SPANX Tight-End Shaping Tights, $28, Bare Necessities

The really wonderful part of Bare Necessities is that the plus size hosiery often goes up to a size G, which accommodates people over 6'0" tall and up to 325 pounds. IMO, the higher end of plus size often goes unnoticed in the plus fashion industry, so it's nice to see brands making the extra effort to include them.

8. Hips & Curves

Fishnet Pantyhose, $20, Hips and Curves

I wouldn't say that Hips & Curves' hosiery products are always particularly practical, but they sure are sexy. Plus, they range in size from 1X-6X, proving that this brand knows that people of all sizes should be able to get a little randy with their undergarments every now and then.

9. ASOS Curve

80 Denier 3-Pack Tights, $15, ASOS Curve

At such a low price point, I was pleasantly surprised when I saw firsthand the quality of these tights. They're thick and non-itchy, and have that polished sheen I often look for when choosing hosiery. However, two important things of note: One, they run a little short, so I wouldn't recommend 'em for anyone over 5'8". Two, they sadly stop at a size 20/22, so these tights are particularly useful for plus size sisters on the smaller end of the spectrum.

The winter months are fast approaching, so there's no time like the present to get your tights and hosiery supply in order. With great options like these, keeping your beautiful plus size stems cinched should be, well, a cinch.

Images: Courtesy Brands