Who Is The Shooter Near The San Diego Airport?

On Wednesday, planes were prevented from landing at San Diego International Airport, as a shooter fired a high-powered rifle in random directions several times. Police were called to the Bankers Hill neighborhood, less than two miles from the airport, for a domestic violence dispute, and immediately came under fire when they arrived. Officials reportedly have the suspect confined to a one-bedroom apartment, and there have been no reported injuries. As the standoff continues, many people are wondering who the shooter near the San Diego airport is, but nothing is known, other than that it is a male suspect.

A woman who was inside the apartment building with the shooter ran out, and is now with the police, so no hostages have been taken. The San Diego Police Department removed residents from neighboring apartments, cleared the street in front of the building, and told residents in the vicinity to stay inside and away from windows until further notice via Twitter. Two nearby schools were also shut down as a precaution.

Shots came through an interior door of the apartment complex, nearly hitting officers when they responded to the domestic dispute Wednesday morning. SDPD public affairs Lieutenant Scott Wahl told news crews: "We're talking within inches of hitting the officers." It's still an active shooting because, as Wahl said, the shooter has been sporadically firing throughout this incident.

According to Wahl, crisis negotiators made contact with the shooter during the standoff, but he wasn't cooperative, even after SWAT officers fired tear gas into the apartment. "We are doing everything we can to bring this to a peaceful resolution," Wahl told The Los Angeles Times.

The San Diego Airport, which only has one runway, is allowing planes to depart, but none can land while the shooter remains active. Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Ian Gregor told the AP that the hold on arrivals is because the apartment complex where the shooter is hiding is under the airport's approach path. Flights bound for San Diego from western U.S. airports are currently being held. Rebecca Bloomfield with the San Diego Airport Authority told The San Diego Union-Tribune that departures weren't affected because they take off in a different direction. She advised people flying into San Diego or picking up a passenger to contact their specific airline for more information.

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