Tess Holliday Lands Spread In 'Marie Claire' UK

by Kali Borovic

All-around badass and plus size model Tess Holliday has landed a spread in Marie Claire UK, and the Internet community is just as excited as she is. Holliday tweeted and Instagrammed some photos from the spread on Wednesday, which started a chain reaction of enthusiasm among her followers. This woman is not afraid to speak her mind and own who she is, which makes me really excited to read the interview accompanying this spread.

When she's not dressing up in body positive costumes and creating empowering hashtags like #EffYourBeautyStandards, Holliday is working on new and exciting ways to take on body shamers across the world. According to her Instagram post, she discussed "the stigma against [plus size women] to be sexual beings" with the publication. She's obviously not content to stop at modeling.

It's clear to see from her uploaded images that she is proud not only of her interview, but about how far she's come as a model. "It's amazing to be in a fashion magazine, in a latex dress at my size! They captured by personality & it's one of my favourite shoots to date!," her Instagram post reads.

Although the entire interview is not available online, she picked out the quote, "people who criticize me would still have sex with me" to accompany one of her tweets.

Holliday also tweeted out another absolutely gorgeous photo in which she rocks an all-white dress and strappy heels. Her rainbow eyeshadow and bright red lipstick look flawless, and her fans are already applauding her on the stunning spread.

So, where can I pick up my copy?


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