Jessica Alba's New Beauty App Is A Must-Try

Get your mascara wands and lipstick emojis ready — Jessica Alba launched an Honest Beauty app, according to Refinery 29. The technologic move is genius actually, as the mobile app provides a platform for shoppers to virtually interact with Honest Beauty products. There's no need to make a jaunt across town to the makeup counter when you can just swatch eyeshadows from the comforts of your iPhone, right? Convenience is everything.

Honest Beauty, which exists under Alba's billion dollar value startup, The Honest Company, is designed to cater to all skin types and hues. The range is the epitome of makeup junkie dreams — everything from lip products to tinted moisturizers and blushes are available for purchase. It's a no-brainer that Alba would make the App Store transition.

The Honest Beauty app elevates makeup and tech to the next level with firsthand interaction. Try before you buy is the key concept here, and the app does just that — its sleek, simple to navigate interface allows you to freely explore the Honest Beauty range before committing to the order button. As an added bonus, the app is also packed with DIY tutorials and tips straight from Alba herself.

And in case you're wondering, I did download The Honest Beauty app to experience the fun myself.

1. Shop The Night Away

Head over to the "Shop" tab and peruse to your heart (and wallet)'s content. The Honest Beauty app stocks both makeup and skincare, and its e-commerce function allows you to browse products based on function (for skin, are you looking for something to cleanse or to hydrate?) and provides a plethora of information useful for every beauty shopper: product description, ingredients, directions on how to use, and application tips. And when you're ready to buy, the user-friendly checkout process is right there waiting for you.

2. Learn From Jessica Herself

There would be no Honest Beauty or Honest Company without the model, actress, mother, and businesswoman herself. Got a makeup question? Jessica Alba is there to rescue you — in video form that is. The app features an array of video tutorials that will school you on how to put the Honest Beauty products to action, with everything from how to apply foundation to filling in brows. It's essentially like having her be your personal MUA.

3. And The Best Part Yet: Try It All Out

Arguably the winning feature of the Honest Beauty app in my eyes is the "Try It On" function. Imagine my surprise when I innocently hit the button, only to find my frazzled 4 PM complexion staring right back on the selfie camera. Perhaps you're a newbie to Honest Beauty products like I am, or maybe you'd like to see the range in force before buying anything — have no fear, because the "Try It On" feature lets you test it all. There's no mystery or issue of "what ifs" here.

The app currently has five makeup looks available: "Fresh," a natural combo utilizing warm tones; "Sunny," for a radiant glow, "Chic," which involves a raspberry lip and dark liner, "Daring," a smokey look perfect for a dose of drama, and "Glam," a holiday-appropriate style with gold liner and a matte lip.

I'm actually pleased with the user-friendly "Try It On" feature — all you need to do is turn on your selfie camera and let the app do its makeup magic (but proceed with caution if you happen to be in a public coffee shop... and don't be surprised if you get bewildered looks from fellow table mates). This is me messing around with the "Chic" look — definitely digging the perfect winged eyeliner that I often fail to master.

Notice the significant difference between the Honest "Chic" and "Glam" looks. The "Glam" edition involves a bolder, red carpet-ready lip and an intense eyeshadow combo. I don't usually venture into red lipstick terrain, but I have to admit, I wouldn't mind checking out this Honest Beauty color (the Truly Kissable Lip Crayon in Strawberry Kiss in case anyone is wondering).

So, what are you waiting for? Get downloading and try out the Honest Beauty app yourself — and don't blame if you end up adding in a few cheeky additions to your beauty cabinet.

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Images: Screenshots/Kelsey Nguyen (6)