7 Best Hat Hairstyles For Thick Hair

by Jessica Willingham

Floppy felt hats, and cozy beanies are perfect accessories this winter. But if you have a ton of hair (like I do), you know the struggle of battling crazy hair and keeping it all tucked in and in place. But worries, be gone, because here are the best hat hairstyles for thick hair and how you can achieve an adorable look this winter.

Hats are a perfect weekend accessory because you can hide wild, unwashed hair or grown out roots. Plus, if you live in a true winter wonderland (or nightmare — I see you, Chicago) then hats are not only fun, but they're also functional and perhaps totally necessary for your morning commute.

I think the best hat hairstyles for thick hair are ones that are, well, contained. I hate my own frosty hair flying in my face when I’m trying to cross the street or enter a building. So braids and bun-like styles are an ideal go-to. You’ll look put together for work, playful for the weekend or simply chill on a slouchy Saturday grabbing coffee with friends.

Below, I rounded up some of my favorite styles you can wear under any hat and some tutorials for achieving the looks. These are the best hairstyles for thick hair.

1. The Four Strand Braid

This four strand braid is a unique, simple braid that anyone can achieve. It works for thick and long hair, because you'll need all of it to create the look.

2. The Milkmaid Braid

The milkmaid braid is great because you get to pile all that heavy hair ontop of your head (like you would with a high bun) but still wear a hat.

3. Bubble Pony

The bubbly pony as a low side braid is easy and takes little time or coordination. You can swap small, clear bands for more durable ones.

4. Beanie Buns

I love these adorable buns that are messy and playful. They don't have to be perfect, so you can leave them in a big loop or create Miley-like low buns.

5. The Fishtail Braid

A messy fishtail braid is beautiful, and so are all the variations you can achieve with it. If your hair is too think for a single braid, you can split them in two.

6. Messy Down Hair

This requires minimal styling and you don't even have to have clean hair. Win.

7. The Up & In

Want to find a way to tuck all that hair up into your beanie? This girl has great tips for curly-haired ladies with lots of hair.