7 Natural Makeup Products Made By Lady Bosses

by Jessica Willingham

OK, I'll say it: I have a lady crush on pretty much any boss ass babe running her own business. But my love goes to the next level when I read about or try a beauty product that was totally bootstrapped by a visionary girl boss. Here are the best natural beauty products by female entrepreneurs, and why you need them in your routine, stat.

While we all are capable of DIY-ing our own beauty masks or whipping up an all-natural, deliciously flavored lip balm, there are certainly professionals among us. These women are not only doing their own product research and development, but they're often creating, packaging, and shipping products from their basements, garages, or spare bedrooms. They are the ultimate divas (a female version of a hustler, as Beyonce once said). Their products are filled with a lot of love, care, and intention and I seriously think it makes all the difference.

I'm always interested in all natural, homemade products that are delicious and good for me. Below, I rounded up some of the most popular (and, hopefully, soon-to-be popular) all natural beauty products created by female entrepreneurs. I know I'll be shopping for Christmas gifts from this roster, and I hope you will, too.

1. Honestly Margo Lip Balm

Honestly Margo Dude Lemon Balm, $12, Honestly Margo

This gal started her business when she was 13. (13!) So I hope you feel like a loser. (Just kidding, but I totally do). She makes it all herself out of Oklahoma City, OK. and celebs like Kevin Durant have been known to love her "Dude" line. I love the pumpkin cheesecake flavor and the fact her stuff works great on cuticles, too.

2. The Blissful Body Miracle Beauty Oil & Serum

The Blissful Body Miracle Beauty Oil & Serum, $58, Etsy

The Blissful Body is Jaclyn Hill's newest obsession, made by Cassie Platt, a mom and natural health, wellness, and beauty guru from Colorado. The au natural serum is perfect for healing and treating dry skin. Pro tip: If your face is mega dry, mix a drop with your foundation.

3. Delicious Skin Silky Lip Salve

Delicious Skin Silky Lip Salve, $8, Delicious Skin

I am officially obsessed with this lip salve from Canada-based Nicola Marie. She created her vegan skincare line because she struggled with eczema and acne prone skin and couldn't find anything out on the market that she could use. So, what did she do? Make it herself. This product has a whipped, smooth texture that lasts and smells delicious.

4. Root Makeup

Root Natural Brow Powder Pan, $12, Root Pretty

This mineral based makeup line from Iowa is made without fillers or irritants, so it's an amazing option for highly sensitive skin.

5. Poor & Pretty Green Tea Salt Scrub

Sami Jensen of Cheshire, Connecticut is a DIY maven, which led her to establishing her own natural, vegan, and paraben-free bath and body products. This green tea salt scrub will exfoliate your skin and leave it soft as can be after.

Poor & Pretty Green Tea Salt Scrub, $20, Etsy

6. Caolion Mask

Caolion Lte V3 Pore Care Hydrating Mask, $6, Peach and Lily

Female founder Jinyoung Joo created this line that blends natural ingredients that have been praised for over 5,000 years by Korean women and men. Sold.

7. Eclair Lips Sparkling Cranberry Balm

Eclair Lips Sparkling Cranberry Balm, $6, Etsy

Eclair's founder Sylvie set out to create a line of lip balms from her kitchen with the hope that they'd cure her chapped lips dilemma. Sure enough, she did and now, she has a huge range of flavors, so you can find a flavor for everyone on your Christmas list.

Images: @deliciousskin/Instagram; Courtesy of Brands