What Do You Do If H&M x Balmain Sells Out?

There might be a fashion crisis on the horizon. Now that the Nov. 5 bow of this must-have collection has arrived, that mad dash to scoop up the pieces has begun. So, is H&M x Balmain sold out? The items are flying off the racks in stores, and shopping online isn't much easier, as the retailer's site is jammed with shoppers furiously trying to obtain the much-coveted "masstige" items. The cold, hard fashion fact is that you may very well find yourself shut out from shopping the super anticipated, high quality collection. UPDATE: According to Footwear News, H&M x Balmain is currently almost sold out online, with the only pieces available being the black and white bandeau tops for $24.99. As far as shopping in store goes, an H&M rep told The Telegraph, “I can confirm it has sold out in many of our stores so far. The collection has exceeded our expectations completely.”

EARLIER: Now, you can do one of two things. You can curse your luck and the fashion gods for your inability to grab the collection on the fevered first go. Or you can try and go other routes so that your wardrobe can be enhanced by the structured, bold print, and sexy silhouettes of H&M for Balmain. There are a couple strategies for purchasing this collection ethically.

H&M doesn't normally restock these collections, according to Fashion Trend Guide, but you might still find stuff in stores. Revisit H&M outposts after the hoopla dies down to see what's left. You may find some gems in what's been largely picked over. Additionally, shoppers that didn't get shut out will undoubtedly make returns on their hurried purchases, so another person's castoff might be your new statement piece!

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Returns and exchanges are being accepted for three days after purchase, so check back at stores then and do a little digging on that front.

You might also be able to find some of the leftover stuff on clearance at the end of the month. It's needle in a haystack scenario, but it's worth a shot. It's also intriguing how this collection sparked a feeding frenzy upon landing yet some items will eventually be relegated to the sale rack!

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Granted, there's no guarantee that you will find something and you might have to wait a bit to stumble upon a your most-coveted pieces. It's really a longer term strategy and a wait and see game, but it's still a viable option if you're looking to find these items affordably.

Good luck!