How To Prevent Staticky Hair This Winter

by Lindsey Rose Black

With crazy weather, the constant hat-wearing, and all the long, hot showers, winter can wreak some serious havoc on hair. One of the most annoying problems is a frizzed out 'do that makes you look electrocuted. Luckily the tips below for how to prevent staticky hair couldn't be easier! By changing up your hair routine just a little, you can kiss those crazy, electricity-charged fly aways goodbye.

Before I spill the details on how to win the war against static hair, I think it's important to talk about what actually causes it. Hair doctor Philip Kingsley told Cosmopolitan, "Static happens when your hair picks up an electrical charge from the dry air ... It's common in the chillier months because the air is less moist everywhere." How crazy is it that our hair can not only create adorable top knots and elaborate braids, but freaking conduct electricity?! If only figuring out how to harness the power of hair static could decrease my utilities bill each month...

As for the tips and tricks to prevent static, keep in mind that your personal hair type will respond differently to each one. Make sure to read the descriptions, as I've pointed out what should work on all hair types, versus those specifically designed for fine/straight hair or medium/wavy hair.

1. Dryer Sheets

Bounce Dryer Sheets, $10, Amazon

That old myth about dryer sheets over hair to smooth it out? Huffington Post claims it's legit and suitable for all hair types!

2. Leave-In Conditioner

Leave-In Conditioner, $24, No-Frizz

Another strategy that's fine for all hair types? Leave-in conditioner! It will seal in moisture before you step out the door.

3. Reach For A Metal Comb

Metal Tail Comb, $2, Amazon

Another brilliant tip from Huffington Post is reaching for a metal comb (instead of plastic). It will leave your hair smooth, thanks to metal's conductive properties! So. Nifty.

4. Anti-Frizz Cream

Blow Down Extreme Cream, $11, Matrix

Light enough for the finest strands, Cosmopolitan suggested reaching for a cream and only applying it to your hair tips to avoid going from static-free to just straight up greasy.

5. Argan Oil

REDKEN Argan Oil, $23, Amazon

Argan oil is an excellent choice to smooth out strands and hydrate them so you can dodge static. However, oil is definitely better for thicker hair, because it can handle the extra oil without getting too greasy.

6. Dry Oil Mist

Alterna Kendi Dry Oil, $25, Sephora

Great for all hair types, NYMag beauty writers raved over Alterna Bamboo Kendi dry oil mist to soften and nourish hair without weighing it down one bit.

7. Ionic Blowdryers

Ionic Ceramic Dryer, $36, Allure

Want to cut your blowdrying time in half and prevent staticky strands? Reach for an ionic blowdryer!

Image Credit: Dave Fayram/Flickr; Courtesy of Brands