'Happy Endings' Creator Gets Another Shot At ABC

We have mourned Happy Endings. Over and over and over again, because it's sad that it's gone and ABC should feel as bad about that business decision as it is possible for a corporation to feel. Still, we can almost see ourselves forgiving them when they do things like order the pilot for Happy Endings creator David Caspe's new comedy. Almost.

The half-hour comedy, called Marry Me, centers around the relationship between a man and a woman who get engaged and then realize that there's a lot of drama and growing up that comes with deciding to spend the rest of your life legally tethered to another human.

"Marriage comedy" isn't exactly a mind-blowingly new concept in sitcoms, but then again neither is "group of friends lives in big city and grapple with dating/love/life," and Happy Endings still managed to be zanily unique.

The single camera comedy will be co-executive produced with Caspe, Jamie Tarses, and The Goldberg's Seth Gordon, who will also direct the pilot. Tarses used to be president of ABC entertainment division, too, so maybe that will help in the whole not-getting-cancelled thing? Then again, Tarses also executive produced Happy Endings , so...probably not.

All we ask is that someone at some point sings Company's "Marry Me A Little." Is that too much to ask?

Image: Getty Images