Wet N Wild Cruelty-Free Makeup Brushes Are So Cute

This is a game-changer for drugstore makeup! Wet n Wild's cruelty-free makeup brushes, which will be available in January 2016, are pretty amazing and for a variety of reasons. This staple, inexpensive drugstore cosmetics brand is the epitome of cheap 'n' chic, offering an attractive price point for girls learning about and experimenting with makeup or for those who want to try trends without paying premium prices.

These Wet n Wild vegan brushes adhere to that aesthetic and join the ranks of other awesome synthetic makeup brush brands.

I don't use many Wet n Wild products in my daily routine, as a MAC, Urban Decay, and eyeko devotee. I do rock Maybelline Line Stiletto and Rimmel Exaggerate liquid liners. But when it comes to tools, like brushes, I stick with upscale brands like MAC.

However, four of the new Wet n Wild makeup brushes, with their white handles and pink and white dip-dye bristles, landed on my desk. They proudly proclaimed their "cruelty-free" status and the fact that none of our furry or feathered friends were hurt during the crafting of these brushes. So I was game to play with them.

These PETA-approved brushes are totally worthy of being adding to your vanity and being incorporated into your daily makeup application.

1. The Bristles Are Rad

They brushes are constructed of a synthetic thermoplastic polymer complex. I know, you want layman's terms, right? Well, according to the press materials, animal hair brushes allow for better product application due to the natural imperfections that occur along the length of the hair. The micro breaks in the shaft lead to friction and help the brush pick up the product formula. The material in these brushes mimics those micro breaks in the hair shaft, so these brushes apply product in the same fashion as those with animal hair bristles.

2. The Collection Is Cute & Comprehensive

The collection consists of 17 tools with white, ergonomic handles stamped with the logo! There's a contouring brush, a fluffy eye shadow brush, a lash and brow comb, and a bent eyeliner brush, among plenty of others. I admit I am totally crushing on the dip-dyed bristles. They have pink tips. They are ombre. I am in love. They are seriously too freaking cute. Oh, the brushes are also gluten-free.

3. The Brushes Are Beyond Affordable

The brushes won't make a dent in your wallet, since they run from 99 cents to $2.99. Obvs, they are not upscale. They won't last forever. But they will get the job done, you can use them outside of your routine if you need a short term use brush, are super cute, and no animals were harmed in the process of making them. That's always a plus.

I used the contour brush to dab some MAC Studio Fix on my face this morning and my skin looks flawless. So I'm down with these!

Images: Amy Sciarretto (4)