How You Can Still Get Your Hands On Chipotle

In a serious bummer for Chipotle lovers across the Pacific Northwest, the fast food chain closed 43 of its locations as a result of an E. coli outbreak traced to several of its restaurants in Washington and Oregon. As of Thursday, 39 people have fallen ill as a result of eating contaminated food from Chipotles in those two states. Only eight of the closed restaurants have been definitively linked to the outbreak, but Chipotle closed all of them as a precautionary measure. The closures have devastated those who depend on the chain to sate their serious jonesing for burritos, tortilla chips, and guac. The good news is that if you're really willing to commit to your craving, there might just be some creative ways you can still get Chipotle in the Pacific Northwest.

But before you go on a mission to secure a giant burrito wrapped in the world's shiniest tinfoil, make sure that you haven't already consumed anything contaminated from Chipotle. In a press statement on Tuesday, Chipotle said that anyone who ate at its chains in Washington or Oregon in the last month could have potentially eaten food contaminated with E. coli.

It could be a while before Chipotle even knows what the reopening schedule for the closed restaurants will be, so while you await the reopening of the doors of your local Chipotle, here are some ways you can still get your fix.

Two Words: Road Trip

Hop in the car and road trip it down to sunny California! This is the last decent weather any of us will see until spring anyways, so take advantage of the weather and let your stomach guide you down to San Francisco. The Bay Area has tons of Chipotles. If California is too far, you can also hop over to Idaho, which might be a bit shorter of a drive for folks on the eastern side of the states.

Order It Long-Distance

Give a call to friend in a nearby state that still has open Chipotle. So long as they carefully follow directions for how to safely send food through the mail, there's no reason they shouldn't send you a big ol' burrito straight to your door.

Make It At Home

Take this time away from Chipotle to sharpen your cooking skills. There are lots of recipes online that emulate your favorite Chipotle meals, and you can make them in your own kitchen. Or, if you're feeling sluggish, invite a friend who works at Chipotle over to whip up a favorite dish for the two of you. Yum!

Try Something Different

I know this is going to send some fans coming after me with torches and pitchforks, but... in the absence of easy access to Chipotle, you could try another Mexican restaurant to tide you over until your true love comes back.