Has 'Super Fun Night' gotten any funner?

It’s been… some time since we last checked in on Rebel Wilson’s Super Fun Night . Actually, it has been since precisely the premiere episode, three months ago. The nice explanation for this long hiatus would be that “other stuff came up” — Nashville needed regular coverage, for instance, and there’s no way we’d drop American Horror Story. The holidays! Family obligations! You know how it gets, when things just pile up and there’s no time to watch and recap a popular ABC sitcom.

But those would all be lies. The only reason myself and the rest of the Bustle recapping team have failed to write anything new about Super Fun Night is because there is just not much to say about Super Fun Night. Would that it were an actively awful show, like Dads. No, SFN is just… dull. Lacking much of a viewpoint about anything, least of all its characters.

On tonight’s episode, “Li’l Big Kim,” Kimmie (Rebel Wilson) was tasked with obtaining the signature of a rapper her law firm is trying to represent. This meant making her way into the VIP lounge of a club decked in an Adidas tracksuit, doing Fat Albert impressions, and flirting with a smitten bouncer to get back in after she’d been kicked out. Why she did all of this, aside from it being her job (and this being a sitcom), is sort of hard to say. She might be into a fellow lawyer, Richard, and trying to impress him? She might be trying to push herself into uncomfortable territory so as to learn and grow? That’s ostensibly the premise of the show, but it’s not much to hang a 21-minute plot on. And that’s even with the subplots, which tonight included “Helen-Alice and Marika try to flirt with dudes” and “Richard and Kendall fend off an Italian ex-lover of Kendall’s.” There’s just not enough going on here.

I don’t mean any of the above to sound overly negative, but if that sneaks in its primarily — as I wrote back in October — because Rebel Wilson is such a unique and demonstrated talent. To see her slum through this series feels like time wasted, when she might be working on something that truly captures what it is she can do. Until then, this is what we’ve got.

Image: ABC