How To Get Lottie Tomlinson's Rainbow Roots

Looking to add a fun pop of color to your strands? Hey, why not add four, like Louis Tomlinson's little sis. One Direction sibling Lottie Tomlinson's rainbow roots are giving everyone some serious hair envy in an unexpected way — she dyed chunks of her platinum blonde roots pink, purple, orange, and blue. And it's way more amazing than it sounds.

It's a little much to commit to long-term, of course — one color is a scary enough decision as it is, for most of us. But it's an exciting experiment to try temporarily, right? To get the look, Streekers hair colors shared this tutorial: First, lift hair up and away from scalp in small sections. Then apply the color to dry hair from the root to wherever you want the color to end (you could do full highlights, if you'd like.) If you're using more than one color, though, wait a minute between them. You can apply the color over your hair products, spray it with hairspray afterwards, and even brush through the highlights once they're dry.

These temporary colors wash out with shampoo, so it's a pretty noncommittal technique. And if you love it, at least you'll know you're ready to take the plunge. Here's the look in progress on Lottie:

Another action shot:

And the finished results.

Pretty cool, right? The colors pop on her bright blonde strands, but they'd still be gorg on someone with darker hair (just more subtle.) Streekers comes in eight shades, so whether you choose to go with just one or the whole collection, temporary dyes are a good way to test out sweet new hair color looks.

Streekers hair color, $11.95,

Who knows, maybe her big bro Louis will be the next fan of the trend. The Internet can only hope.

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