11 Times You Wish You Were Hermione

by Sadie Trombetta

A sharp mind, endless amount of courage, and plenty of sass — Hermione Granger has it all, so it really isn't that surprising that there are plenty of times you wished you were Hermione in real life? If you had half the skill, charm, and beauty as the brightest witch Hogwarts has ever seen, things would be a lot easier for you, I'm sure.

When you first read the Harry Potter books, you totally idolized, not to mention completely envied, Hermione. She's a brilliant witch, a loyal friend, and she always gets the cutest guys. First the heartthrob Krum, and then the goofy yet lovable Ron? If only you could be so lucky. Her love life aside, Hermione is one badass lady all on her own. If there is a problem, she can find the solution. When someone needs a shoulder to cry on, she's there in an instant. Someone dare insult her or someone she loves? Well, let's just say that someone might end up in the infirmary. While you might have a hard enough time making it through a typical Monday, Hermione is the kind of woman who can ace her OWLs, be the best-dressed at the dance, and help defeat an army of evil wizards without batting an eye.

If only you could be more like Hermione, your life would be looking mighty different right now. Whether dealing with a personal problem or just trying to get to the end of the week, here are 11 times you wish you were Hermione Granger, for real:

1. When You Have to Write a Long Paper or Have a Pop Quiz

It's the end of the semester and you just have to finish finals, but you have hours of studying ahead of you and absolutely zero motivation. If only you were Hermione, you would have started your final paper or going over your notes weeks ago. Hell, if you were Hermione, you'd probably like pop quizzes. If only.

2. When a Friend Ask For Advice

If a friend is having a fight with their significant other or is having problems at work, they might ask you to share your wisdom, but it isn't always easy finding the right thing to say. If you were Hermione, though, you'd know the exact words that would lend advice while cheering your friend up at the same time. Yes, she's that good, and you wish you were, too.

3. When Your To-Do List Is Too Long

You find yourself with more tasks than hours in the day, you really wish you were Hermione. No, not just because she, at one point, had a time-turner, but because Hermione never lets herself get overwhelmed. No matter how many exams she had, mysteries she needed to solve, or nights she had to sneak around Hogwarts trying to stop Voldermort, she could handle it. You wish you could stay that cool under pressure.

4. When You're In Need of a Plus One for a Wedding

No matter the occasion, Hermione always had a date. Your calendar has a wedding in it almost every other weekend, and you wish you had the date-seeking skills of Granger. She'd never find herself alone on the dance floor, or worse, bumped to the "singles" table full of awkward and unknown relatives.

5. When Someone Is Giving You a Hard Time

Teacher, bully at school, the Dark Lord himself? Doesn't matter, Hermione takes crap from no one, and you wish you didn't either. You want to channel Hermione's non-nonsense, no BS, I-will-punch-you-in-the-face attitude when your annoying coworker starts bad mouthing you. Then again, maybe it's better you don't.

6. When You Apply to Grad School

If your transcript looked as good as Hermione's, you could get into any (magical) graduate program you wanted. Imagine how interesting her personal statement would be! When you fill out applications, send writing samples, and interview with admissions officers, you can't help but wish you were actually Hermione.

7. When Someone Really Needs to Hear the Truth

Whether it is your friend who is too full of herself or your sister who needs some honest but maybe hard-to-hear advice, there are times you need to be the one to deliver the hard truths. It's times like those you wish you were Hermione, who has no problem speaking her mind. She'll tell her friends when they're being idiots or her teachers when they're wrong. Oh, to have that backbone.

8. When You Witness Injustice Around You

You always told yourself you wanted to change the world, and when you see wrongdoings around you, you wish you had the determination that Hermione did with SPEW. That's a woman destined to change the world and save lives. Oh wait, she already did.

9. When You're At Trivia

It doesn't matter that you go every week, your trivia skills leave something to be desired. If only you had Hermione's endless amounts of knowledge, you'd have answers for any category they threw your way. I bet your trivia team wishes you were Hermione IRL, too.

10. When You Have to Meet Your S.O.'s Family

That dreaded moment when you finally meet your boyfriend or girlfriend's parents would be a whole lot less dreaded if you were Hermione. She's great with parents! She can help mom in the kitchen, talk news with dad, and even gets along great with the siblings — all of them. You can't even decide what sweater to wear, and Hermione is already part of the family. If only you were that smooth.

11. Always.

Can we just admit we all wish we were actually Hermione all the time?

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