7 Times You Should Take Your Engagement Ring Off

So, you're engaged? First of all, congratulations. Secondly, I bet you're wondering how to care for that gorgeous sparkler of yours. Lucky for you, there are great maintenance and care tips on the Internet, but should you ever take your engagement ring off? There are times you shouldn't wear your engagement ring, and it's important to make note of them because keeping your ring in tip top shape is of the utmost important for your impending big day.

Not everyone chooses to wear an engagement ring, and I'm totally on board for those who have decided to buck tradition. Meanwhile, others have opted to rock less traditional stones and settings in gorgeous ways. Basically, whether you choose to go with tradition, rock a non-traditional look, or forgo a ring altogether, your engagement is still an exciting time. However, these tips are specifically for the men and women who are choosing to wear a very special piece of jewelry on their left hand.

Confession: I'm recently engaged and that's colored the way I view my jewelry. Typically, I'm more than a little haphazard, but the day after getting engaged, I was terrified to even was my hands without removing my gorgeous ring. That's when I realized that others may be curious (like me!) to learn when it's OK and not OK to wear their stone. So, when shouldn't you rock your ring?

At The Gym

Your ring is delicate, and the last thing you want is to have your ring collide with a free weight. Diamonds may be tough, but your setting isn't. Remove your ring before heading to the weight rack.

During Spring Cleaning

Harsh chemicals can damage your new jewelry. If you've got not dishwasher, it's probably best to remove your ring.


Speaking of harsh chemicals, chlorine is no good for that bling. Plus, just think about the way cool water can shrink your fingers. The thought of losing a ring in the pool (or, God forbid, in the ocean) is terrifying.

Getting Ready For A Night Out

Getting foundation stuck in your ring sounds like a mess, and coating your stone in hairspray sounds even worse! Be sure to remove your ring when product could become lodged in the prongs or halo.

The Shower

According to the experts at Style Me Pretty , rings can become damaged due to soap and shampoo build off.


This piece of advice varies from site to site, but the most important thing to remember is that edges of your ring — if you have a large setting — can snag on sheets or scratch your S.O. Also, consider that prongs can become loose, and you could lose your diamond.


Ground beef in the prongs of your ring? Doesn't exactly sound appetizing, right?

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