LaKeisha Shurn Turns 100-Day Workout Challenge into This Inspiring Video

Need some motivation to hit the gym? Or how about to make any significant change in your life? Meet LaKeisha Shurn, who lost about 20 pounds in 100 days. The overweight, 32-year-old Berkeley, California resident buckled down on diet and exercise — and kept a video diary of her progress. In under three minutes, you can watch Shurn transform from over 300 pounds (and depressed about it) to "out of the 300 club" and on her way to overhauling her whole life.

"My name is LaKeisha, I am overweight, I have low self-esteem, I am going through depression and ... I want to change all of that," says Shurn at the beginning of her "100 Days at the Gym" video. "For the next 100 days, I will be on the journey of losing weight and finding myself."

In between the clips of Shurn's workouts, she admits how she believed she was "unfit" to ever get married or have kids because she was so "unattractive." But Shurn has now lost 51 pounds over the past year (including the initial 18-lb. loss) and is now "super excited" about the future.

Shurn kept track of her workouts using "100," a goal-tracking website with a simple premise: "Practice something for 100 days. Take a video every day." You can use 100 to record your own weight-loss and fitness progress, track new year's resolutions or stick with whatever habit you're trying to instill.

Give it 100 on YouTube

Image: LaKeisha Shurn/YouTube