Drunk People Try Eating International Drunk Foods

People eat weird things when they're drunk — the savage hunger that creeps up on them is ruthless like none other. In this video featuring drunk people trying drunk food from around the world, that wild tipsy beast runs rampant. In America, we have our go-to staple drunk foods: pizza, street food, burgers, and anything that the local 24-hour diner or bodega have to offer. The drunken body craves fat and grease and carbs to soak up the sea of booze in the gut and help aid metabolization. But the hungry drunk mind is also a creative one. Have you ever found yourself mixing things up in your kitchen out of a starving desperation to feel satisfied? Ketchup becomes a viable topping for just about anything. Before you know it you're melting chocolate chips on Ritz crackers and dipping Pizza Bagel Bites into a bowl of maple syrup ... actually that sounds pretty good?

Trying new foods can be scary. Cuisine varies so greatly from country to country that it can be completely unrecognizable. For the average eater, there's always a little pang of fear that mixes in with the excitement in trying food from another culture. For the average drunk eater, food is a warm blanket. A hug. A compliment. A kiss on the cheek. Food is a high five. It's greeted with joy, appreciation and optimism. Watch as these hungry drunks scarf down chicken intestines like it's their job. (It is their job.)

Bottoms up

You've gotta be drunk in order to properly judge drunk food. I imagine trying these dishes sober you might be a little bit too aware how many condiments too many there are be too deterred to enjoy it.

What is this?

Though they thought they might be eating bugs, they went right in for it ... because they were drunk! And when you're drunk, the idea of eating a bug is more like "whoa!" rather than "no!"


I'd be worried about being served balls, too. (It was just a hot dog, though.)


Some foods were so surprisingly delicious, the volunteers didn't even know what to do with themselves.


They could not get enough. Of anything. What we learn here is that drunk food is an international phenomenon and delicacy.

Watch the full video here:

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