How To Make Your Halloween Candy Boozy

Why let your beloved candy corn go stale when you could make candy corn-infused rum? It’s easier than you think to learn how to booze up your Halloween candy and transform that confection into a cocktail! BuzzFeed’s video team knows that after the Halloween fun is over, and the costumes go back in the closet, we can all get a little candy fatigued. The last thing you want to eat is another roll of SweeTARTs. But never fear! You don’t have to chuck that hard-earned sugar in the trash. Transform it into an adult post-holiday treat. It’s so simple you’ll wonder why you never boozed up your candy before.

This quick video walks you through different flavor combinations so you can pick the perfect candy to go in your imbibement of choice. If bourbon is your jam, it will be perfect with that leftover Hershey's bar. Why not spice up your next Vodka martini with your favorite flavored Sour Patch Kids? All you need is an airtight glass container (a mason jar is recommended), two cups of your favorite firewater, and a handful of your Halloween haul. Let steep for the prescribed amount of time and enjoy! This Halloween hooch will satisfy any sweet tooth — but don’t blame me for the hangover.

Grab Your Ingredients

Find that dusty bottle of rum left over from your ill-fated attempt to make mojitos this summer and let's get crackin'!

Measure Out The Candy And Liquor

And maybe just take a quick shot, because, you know, science?

Seal And Let Steep

I know it's hard to contain your candy-crazed inner child, but try not to taste it before it's ready!

Shake And Enjoy!

Finally, the concoction is complete! DIY has never been so delicious!

For more fun flavor combinations, watch the entire video here:

Images: YouTube; Pixabay