Essential Oil Ingredients That Help Fight Acne

by Emily McClure

When it comes to suffering from acne, choosing the right skin care can seem like such a challenge. Instead of turning to typical pimple-fighting products, try using acne-fighting essential oils to clear your complexion. While not all essential oils can clear the skin, there are many on the market that contain antiseptic and antibacterial properties. These work to fight off pore-clogging bacteria that can cause acne. It's a simple, all-natural solution for your breakouts. Like most skin care, these oils work by sinking into the skin and clearing the pores from the inside out. However, unlike a lot of popular methods, you don't need a lot to get the job done. Just a few drops of the oil is enough to cover the entirety of your face.

Personally, I love turning to natural products to clear up my complexion. I find that typical acne products are drying, and can further damage my already problematic skin. With essential oils, I know what I'm getting. There are no hidden chemicals or toxins ready to further pollute my skin. If you're worried about causing further sensitivity to your skin, I recommend mixing the essential oil with a carrier oil such as coconut, jojoba, or olive oil. This will give the oil a moisturizing component that feels luxurious on the skin. So, next time a pimple pops up, try fighting it off with one of these essential oils.

1. Oregano

Oil of Oregano, $15,

When processed into an essential oil, oregano is amazing at fighting off acne. The powerful oil has antiseptic and antibacterial properties that help clear away excess oils. However, a little goes a long way. According to OrganicAuthority, oregano oil needs to be diluted with a carrier oil, such as coconut or olive oil, before applied to the skin.

2. Lavender


Breakouts can cause the skin to become red and inflamed. Calm the skin by using lavender oil. The oil has analgesic, antiseptic, and antibacterial properties that help the skin to heal, according to the experts at Livestrong.

3. Bergamot

Bergamot Oil, $7.40,

According to Aveda experts, this citrusy oil is loaded with antibacterial properties that help fight off blemishes. This oil works well in conjunction with other acne-fighting oils. Pair it with oils such a coconut, tea tree, or jojoba for a powerful mix.

4. Rosemary

Pablo Blazquez Dominguez/Getty Images News/Getty Images

It's not just for roasting veggies. Rosemary oil is amazing for reducing any excess oil on the skin. It's anti-inflammatory and astringent properties help to ease redness and improve circulation, according to OrganicAuthority.

5. Geranium

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Relieve congested skin by applying a small about of geranium oil to the areas that you have acne. OrganicFacts details that the oil works to normalize sebum production, fade acne scars, and fight off excess bacteria that can be lingering on the skin.

6. Cedarwood

Cedar wood Oil, $4.57,

Cedarwood is a great all-in-one essential oil. The oil works to tighten pores, reduce oil buildup, and fight off acne-causing bacteria. According to OrganicFacts, cedarwood oil is highly concentrated, so a little will go a long way.

7. Eucalyptus


Eucalyptus oil is the perfect acne fighter (also, fun fact: a favorite food of koalas). It has analgesic, anti-fungal, antiviral, and antibacterial properties. The oil packs a powerful punch against clogged pores and sluggish skin, according to Bustle writer Kristen Collins Jackson.

Who has time for acne, anyway? Ditch the zits forever with these powerful, acne-fighting essential oils.

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