You Won't Recognize Gigi Hadid On This Mag Cover

One of the coolest things about fashion is its ability to transform even the most famous faces beyond the point of recognition. Gigi Hadid covers Vogue Italia's November issue, and looks completely unlike herself. The stylish celeb has shed her supermodel status and taken on the persona of something whimsical and fantastic, and you've really got to see it to believe it.

The 20-year-old took to Instagram to share the exciting news of her prestigious new gig with a preview of the cover. In the gorgeous close-up shot, Hadid dons an over-the-top curly turquoise wig that sort of resembles a clown — a very chic clown. Her makeup looks absolutely flawless, comprised of matching aqua eyeshadow and bold cat eye liner. Her bright-colored wig picks up the intense hue of her eyes, making them look bluer and more fierce than ever. She rocks a bubblegum pink lippie and pretty rosy cheeks that contribute to the vibrant look.

Perhaps the most standout aspect of the cover are the oversized greenish-blue jewels she sports on her fingers. The three rings feature bold geometric shapes with a thin border, and further tie into the color scheme. It's truly gorgeous. If Hadid hadn't posted this photo to her own Instagram, I would have never guess this was her.

Feast your eyes on the pretty look.

Seriously, this looks nothing like her.

Hadid isn't the only celeb who has undergone a transformation in the name of fashion. Let's take a look at some other unrecognizable celebrity magazine covers.

1. Taylor Swift

This cover is all about #EyebrowGoals.

2. Karlie Kloss

Kloss takes unrecognizable to a whole new level in this V spread.

3. Rita Ora

Rita Ora, is that really you?!

4. Jessica Chastain

This is Chastain like we've never seen her before.

5. Vanessa Hudgens

I totally thought this was Taylor Swift at first.

6. Katy Perry

This bleach blonde style is a totally different look for Perry.

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