The Best Tights To Wear With Your Boots

Beyond stuffing my face with all things gingerbread and singing along to Ella Fitzgerald Christmas carol recordings, figuring out a million different ways to layer my wardrobe is at the top of my favorite winter activities list. Specifically, I'm all about tights and boots combos, and am sharing the best tights for boots I've discovered after years of layering experience. The pairs below are sturdy, warm, comfy, and look super on fleeeeek whether you're slipping them into ankle boots, lace ups, or thigh highs.

While the look of tights obviously matters, there are a few key factors beyond aesthetics you need to consider when picking tights to layer with boots. First, will they fit well around your waist? You want tights that stay up, as the friction from walking in the boots can start to pull them down — and that's never fun. Since few places will let you try on tights, definitely measure yourself beforehand so you can see where you fit on a brand's size guide.

Additionally, consider your boot fit. Lots of wiggle room? You'll want to reach for a thicker pair of tights. Pretty snug? Opt for a thinner pair that doesn't have much ribbing to make sure they fit into the boots! These seven brands will jumpstart your hosiery collection.

1. Classic Black

Opaque Tights, $15, Torrid

No wardrobe should be without a pair of classic black tights to rock with just about any dress on the face of the planet.

2. Rib Tights

Rib Tights, $14.33, ASOS

Since they're on the thicker side, ribbed tights work best with slightly looser fitting snow boots.

3. Cotton Blend Tights

Cotton Blend Tights, $40.50, Oroblu

Another solid option for looser shoes, these cotton tights are super hard to snag and have all the comfiness of your favorite sweat pants.

4. Super Opaque Maroon

Super Opaque Tight, $25, American Apparel

You'll be surprised to find how often you end up reaching for this pop of festive color.

5. Fishnet

Fishnet, $14, Urban Outfitters

OK, they're not the warmest on the market, but what would life be without fishnet stockings?

6. Satin Touch Nude

Satin Touch 3 Pack, $57.33, ASOS

With just a kiss of sparkle, these nude tights are perfect under any pair of boots and the slight metallic finish hides the fact that you didn't shave. Mwahaha.

7. Sheer Luxe Back Seam Pantyhose

Back Seam Pantyhose, $22, American Apparel

These looks so, so good with a pair of snug ankle boots. Tres chic.

Images: Eugenio Marongiu/Fotolia; Courtesy of Brands