Kylie Jenner & Tyga Go All Out For Kris Jenner's 1920s Birthday Theme — PHOTOS

Kris Jenner had one utterly extravagant birthday party, which was, of course, the perfect excuse for her daughters to get all dressed up. Kylie Jenner and Tyga completely owned the '20s theme and took the glamour to the next level, Rolls-Royce, cigar, bejeweled dress and all. Yeah, you read that correctly. When this couple dresses up, they do it right.

Jenner wore a jaw-dropping gown that was covered in diamond-like embellishments, and Tyga channeled his inner Gatsby in a white suit jacket and black pants. They had time to stop and pose for a photo before whisking off to the party, naturally, which is where the cigar and Rolls-Royce came into play. The pair couldn’t have looked better together, but that’s really no surprise because they’re, you know, Kylie & Tyga.

Every time these two are seen out together, they’re killing the couple style game. From wearing matching varsity jackets to doing it up '20s style, these two know how to dress to make all other couples super envious. See their most recent ensembles, along with six other times they’ve had winning style. Together, they shine bright — but not half as bright as Jenner’s dress. It’s hard to compete with that, though. Just take a look at how high-wattage it is:

I swear this is like a scene from a movie.

This dress is worth a second look.


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The fashion front-rowers always look great. I kind of love how Tyga's outfit is totally in-sync with Jenner's hair color.

2. Balmain

Wearing the same color suits them.

3. Varsity Style

How cute are they in their matching jackets?

4. Cuddle Time

They're just doing what they do best — flaunting their affection in style.

5. Outerwear On-Fleek

Hoodies and chic overcoats are kind of their thing.

6. Monochrome

Ben Gabbe/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

They each pull off the all-one-color thing so well.


Kyga forever.

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