9 Tumblrs You Need to Follow Now

What's that? You didn't waste enough time yesterday? Well, it's okay—you can do better today with the help of these excellent Tumblrs:

1. Children With Swag: These kids are cooler than you. Guaranteed.

2. Awesome People Hanging Out Together: It's like the apocalypse just conveniently trapped all your favorite celebrities in a house together for you to hang out with! Or wait, am I thinking of something else...?

3. Humans of New York: Just lovely, life-affirming citizens of humanity.

4. Exploding Actresses: I'm not even going to try to explain this one. Just scroll.

5. What Ali Wore: Important outfit updates from Ali, pioneer of the famous triple-denim look:

6. Your LL Bean Boyfriend: Three words: Men in flannel.

7. Unhappy Hipsters: A bleak peek into the mod life.

8. Letters of Note: It's like receiving handwritten advice from your favorite authors, actors, and generally-wise people like Johnny Cash:

9. And for something a little more serious, The Political Notebook, featuring Torie Rose DeGhett, one of the most promising young female journalists out there.

You know how seriously these Tumblr folk take their "Follows"—throw 'em a bone, why don't you?