How To Watch Donald Trump On 'Saturday Night Live' If You Missed The Controversial Performance

Donald Trump hosted Saturday Night Live this weekend despite heavy protests by Latino activist groups who believed Trump's comments about Mexican immigrants were disparaging, according to NBC News. During his monologue on the show, Trump said that everyone is waiting for him to be president, so just why did he host Saturday Night Live? Well, true to Trump form, the answer was equal parts insulting to NBC and just obnoxious: Trump said he really had nothing better to do. How can you watch Trump on SNL if you missed it? Both Trump's individual monologue and the full show are available on NBC's website.

In his monologue, which you can watch here, Trump said, "People think I'm controversial, but the truth is, I'm a nice guy." And it's hard to tell whether he really meant that to be a joke. Then, Trump said that he never holds grudges. For example, he doesn't hold anything against Rosie O'Donnell, who he claims said hurtful, untrue things about him. Yes, Trump admitted that he said some mean things about O'Donnell, but "completely accurate," Trump said onSNL.

According to an Entertainment Online video of Trump's 2006 rant about O'Donnell, Trump called O'Donnell disgusting "both inside and out," said she was a slob, and also said he could send one of his friends over to "pick up" O'Donnell's girlfriend, because "why would she stay with Rosie if she had another choice?" So, um, "completely accurate," yeah that's funny, Donald.

Eventually, Larry David yells, "Trump's a racist!" from the side of the stage, because he heard that he'd get $5,000 if he yelled during the show. David was hilariously referring to, a Latino activist group that promised $5,000 to anyone who would interrupt Trump while he was hosting the show, according to NBC.

David played Democratic candidate and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders during the full show on Saturday night, which you can watch here. David as Sanders first enters the stage with the most perfect Sanders voice ever, saying "I don't need no fancy introduction. I'm not Elvis Presley. Just get on with it," according to NBC's video. David as Sanders said that he would use the extra taxes he plans to raise from corporations to rebuild our nation's infrastructure: "It's crumbling. That's why I no longer drive on bridges or in tunnels," he said.

The rest of the segment creates a world where Trump actually wins the election and becomes president. (God help us all.) Bobby Moynihan, who acts as one of President Trump's staff members, said, "Everyone loves the new laws you tweeted," according to CNN. The episode makes fun of all the candidates, but seeing Trump awkwardly stand centerstage is both frustrating and fulfilling.