Is Jax's New Girlfriend On 'Vanderpump' The One?

Jax Taylor may be known as the Lothario on Vanderpump Rules, but it seems like he’s getting ready to settle down. Sure, we’ve seen him date a string of California girls — Stassi, Carmen, et al — but could his newest love be the one? Who is Jax’s new girlfriend, Brittany Cartwright? There’s a glimpse of her in the Vanderpump Rules Season 4 trailer, as Jax says he’s looking to settle down and asking her if people have already warned her about him. Why, yes, Jax — of course people have. Jax doesn’t exactly have the best reputation, but I’m all for a reformed bad boy.

But back to Brittany — who is the beauty that has tamed the Vanderpump beast? According to Starcasm.net, Brittany was born in 1989 in Kentucky, making Jax the boyfriend of a stunning Southern belle. A model, Brittany previously found work at Hooters, waiting tables, kicking ass, and looking what looks to be her adorable self. I mean, seriously — this girl is gorgeous. I’m pretty jealous of her eyebrows, myself. But anyway, Jax and Brittany started dating fairly soon after the Vanderpump Rules Season 3 reunion wrapped, as their first photo together was taken and posted on Brittany’s Instagram about five months ago. These two are seriously sweet together:

Like I said before, I love a reformed bad boy. Here’s why I think that Brittany and Jax are set to go the distance.

Brittany Gets Along With Jax’s Family & Friends

When you get married, you marry your spouse’s family and friends, too. There’s just no way around it, so it’s best for you to get along with your SO’s brood. Luckily for Jax, it sure seems like Brittany loves to spend time with Jax’s loved ones. There are plenty of snaps on both Jax and Brittany’s social media of them as one big happy family, and that’s totally a step toward longevity.

Brittany & Jax Love To Be Silly Together…

I’m of the mind that a couple that doesn’t laugh together won’t last long. After all, looks will fade, but a killer sense of humor never will. Jax and Brittany always look like they’re having a good time — they go to Disneyland together, they goof off, etc. Having fun is never a bad thing.

Jax & Brittany Clean Up Well For Events…

I’m all about being in sweats on a Sunday, but sometimes, it’s fun to get dressed up and go out partying. Luckily for Jax and Brittany, these two shine up like a new copper penny. Look at them at the Vanderpump Rules premiere party! I know they’re both models, but damn.

…But Love A Low-Key Date Night

Jax and Brittany also love picking out some popcorn at the store and hanging out. Or having margaritas on Mondays. You know, the usual stuff. Big events are fun, but if you can just sit on the couch with a person (or go to your local bar), that’s what’s important. Seems like Brittany and Jax have this down pat.

Will Brittany and Jax stay together forever? Well, only time can tell on that one. I can’t wait to see what this season of Vanderpump Rules has in store for them.

Images: Nicole Wilder/Bravo