Where Are All The Stoner Chick Flicks? Our Ideal Pot-Smoking Leading Ladies

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In the hugely successful This Is the End, America's favorite bros face the apocalypse, watch their fellow actors fall into a fiery hell pit, bond over hating Danny McBride, and exorcise a possessed Jonah Hill — but mainly, they do an absurd amount of drugs. We're talking pounds of weed being rolled into types of joints I didn't even know existed, a continuously coked up Michael Cera and ecstasy-powered, end-of-the-world dance parties. But this giant bro-fest of a film brought my attention to a pressing issue: Why has no one cashed in on female stoners? Cinematic history is practically overflowing with male-centric stoner movies that have made actors into pot-smoking icons. Here are our picks for the first-ever stoner leading ladies.

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