Earth-2 May Have Saved Tess Morgan On 'The Flash'

After lurking in the shadows for several episodes of The Flash Season 2, the Earth-2 version of Harrison Wells introduced himself to the team for real in last Tuesday's episode. "The Darkness And The Light" gave viewers more information than it gave the guys at S.T.A.R. Labs, in the form of an Earth-2 press conference led by the scientist. As Wells unveiled his metahuman tracking app, his young daughter proudly looked on. This is Jesse Wells, who according to TVLine will take on the DC Comics mantle of Jesse Quick. Earth-2 Harrison's family is going to play an important role moving forward, judging from where Jesse ends up at the end of the episode. Zoom kidnaps her, presumably to get to Wells. But maybe there's more to it; Jesse is still a mystery, and so is half of her parentage. Is Tess Morgan Jesse's mother?

The Tess Morgan who was born in the prime Flash universe came to a tragic end. Fans only glimpsed Harrison's loving, whip-smart wife in the "Tricksters" episode last season in two very different flashbacks. In the first, she and her husband sit on the beach and discuss her deceased father, trade ideas for the name of their state-of-the-art scientific facilities (S.T.A.R. Labs was all her idea); and are generally in stupid, dumb love with each other. ("Because in the vast night sky, you, Harrison Wells, are the only star I see." "That's gonna get you kissed.") And in the second, Eobard Thawne sets the trap that causes the lethal late-night car accident that kills Tess instantly and enables him to commandeer Harrison's body. The violent and heartless nature of the murder set Thawne up as a chilling villain with a purpose, especially since Tess was just collateral damage.

So: no supervillain car accident on Earth-2. But the lack of it doesn't mean that Tess Morgan is alive. Not everyone has a doppelganger in the other universe. An Earth-2 Tess Morgan may have never been born. Or she could have been born and then died even younger. It's not a one-to-one trade from universe to universe. Still, Jesse exists, and somebody somewhere gave birth to her.

Zoom isn't done with Harrison's daughter just yet, based on the split second shot of him getting all up in her face in the promo for this Tuesday's episode, below.

Now, if the Wells were a close-knit family of three, odds are that Tess would have been standing next to Jesse at that press conference in "The Darkness And The Light." But no one in the vicinity resembles Bre Blair, and the actress wasn't credited for the episode. If Tess does exist on Earth-2, she's likely as different from the version fans know as this Harrison is from the doting husband in the flashbacks. ("Harry" is, as Cisco succinctly puts it, "a d*ck.") Maybe they're divorced. Maybe they hate each other. They very well could be the complete opposite of the picture of happiness Tess and Harrison were on that beach. In which case, I'd still expect we'd see her again soon.

Jesse Quick's comic book family tree likely doesn't have any bearing here, since Harrison Wells is an original character, but it's still worth noting. Jesse's mother is Libby Lawrence, aka Liberty Belle, a freedom defending character from the '40s with powers bestowed by the actual Liberty Bell. If anything, that canon parentage and her absence from the press conference suggest that Jesse's mystery mother is another metahuman. That would explain her estrangement from Harrison, who's leading a charge to unmask them.

Missing relatives are always ripe to spill some secrets in The Flash universe. And there's a chance that Tess Morgan will show up again to provide some insight into this version of Harrison Wells.

Images: The CW; wouldyousingalong/Tumblr