How To Deal With Oily Skin In The Winter

It's no secret that the winter months are some of the harshest when it comes to caring for your skin. I think it's safe to say that most people suffer from dry skin during this time, but everyone is different. If you're not a dry skin sufferer, how to deal with oily skin in the winter becomes one of the biggest beauty routine questions you ask yourself, especially since Internet skincare advice seems to focus almost exclusively on curing dry skin.

Those with oily skin may bless the day when winter comes believing that the lack of humidity and cold air will finally give them a reprieve from the endless amounts of blotting paper and oil control face washes they typically buy. While this can be true, continuing to use products to absorb excess oil can, in turn, lead to dry skin. Finding the right skin balance is tough, and for oily peeps out there, placing moisturizing onto their skin may seem like a totally counterintuitive move. Not to mention, grabbing a face wash that doesn't have the words salicylic acid or oil control on the front is far outside the realm of normalcy. Despite the skepticism that I'm sure you're experiencing, switching up your oily skin care routine for winter is definitely the best thing for your skin.

So, how do you deal with oily skin in the winter?


Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel, $26, Clinique

Moisturizers aren't just for those with dry skin. In fact, moisturizers help improve over all appearance. Plus, washing your face often removes natural oils, and without replacing those oils in with a water of gel-based moisturizer, you can end up with dry flaky skin.

Switch Cleansers

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Switching to a cream-based cleanser or a wash with a hydrating formula can help keep your skin normal. Utilizing your classic oil absorbing formula is sure to over dry your skin in the winter months.

Eliminate Topical Treatments

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Those with oily skin are often more likely to deal with acne and blackheads. While spot treatments are great, the lack of humidity in the air can take oily skin to normal, but these babies will take normal to dry. Avoid using spot treatments in order to stop your skin from drying out too much and flaking.

Add A Toner

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Toners are miracle workers. Not only can they help clean your pores, but they'll do so without drying out your skin. This is ideal for those wanting to control acne and blackheads due to oily skin but who have concerns about over drying.

Carefully Exfoliate

Philosophy Micodelivery Exfoliating Wash, $28, Sephora

Continuing to exfoliate is key, but make sure you're not doing it as often or with a harsh formula. Over exfoliation can cause an increase in oil on the face. However, removing dead skin is important for any skincare routine. So, keep it up, but do so gently.

Stay Hydrated

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Want to keep your skin clear and hydrated? Drinking lots of water and watching your diet are two ways to naturally keep any skin type in tip top shape no matter the season.

Images: Courtesy of brands