9 Perfect Gifs For Kate Middleton's Birthday

It's Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge's birthday — so obviously we're celebrating. Kate Middleton is turning 32 today and we love her too much to let this go by unnoticed. The Duchess of Cambridge has had a pretty big year since her last birthday — what with giving birth to her first child, Prince George Alexander Louis, with husband Prince William in July. So, naturally, a rep from Buckingham Palace told Us Weekly that Middleton will be spending a quiet birthday at Kensington Palace. She's so elegant that turning a year older is just a drop in the bucket of her fairytale existence, obviously.

The Duchess' rep told the magazine that Prince William, who's currently taking classes at Cambridge University, will be joining his wife and a few friends and family back in London this evening to celebrate. We can only imagine what time of understated elegance will be the celebration of the beginning of another year of Kate Middleton royal perfection. Cheese plates? Sophisticated party fascinators? Sigh.

For us, Her Royal Highness's 32nd birthday means an excellent opportunity to scour the Internet for the best and most fairytale, royal-worthy, and perfect gifs of Kate Middleton in existence. Here are our nine favorites:

The Fairytale Wedding

We just can't handle the dreaminess.

This Perfect Tucking Of A Flyaway Hair

Elegance in pure and smallest form.

This Adorable Wizard's Duel At The Harry Potter Studio Tour

"Wingardium Leviosa!" "Okay, you're cute."

The Miranda Priestly Lip Purse

"There's a scale. One nod is good, two nods is very good. There's only be one actual smile on record and that was Tom Ford in 2001. If she doesn't like it she shakes her head. Then of course there's the pursing of the lips." Which means? "Catastrophe."

This Dancing

The enthusiasm!


Royal attitude.

She Does A Great Slow-Clap

Like, really great.

The Wind Around Her Is Perfect

Look at that perfectly blowing hair — I guess the baby is cute, too.

And This

The head tilt to end all head tilts.

Cheers to you, Your Royal Highness!

Images: Getty; Popsugar (2), GifSoup, HuffingtonPost (2), Rebloggy, bashfulhound/tumblr, Stylecaster, Bohomoth